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Thursday, January 19, 2006

I may have actually figured this out. Don't hold your breath though. Today has been one of those days when naps didn't come easily. Probably because I had things planned for the afternoon. It always seems like days when I have nothing planned she sleeps for hours and days when I have things to do or people to meet she doesn't sleep at all. I guess I'm learning more about dying to myself. Thats something I think I'll be learning all my life.

She makes this face when she's sad and it just rips my heart out. I want to do whatever she wants to make her happy. That could definetly work to her advantage in the future. Guess I'll have to learn to resist the sad eyes....its just so sad. I sure do love her.


Blogger Bill Haughery said...

Emily, Congratulations! You have figured it out. The page is very attractive. Thanks for including Alliva in our lives. We feel so fortunate to be building a relationship with her.


11:48 PM  
Anonymous Katherine said...

Oh, Emily! Looking past the sad eyes with discernment has been a hard one for me to learn. I understand your merciful heart. Just the other day I had to look past Dolly's pitiful crying eyes and say to myself "OK, this girl is a sinner, thinking like a child. She is not wise. And God has provided a way for her to learn to be wise" and I reached for the....Emily, Look to the Lord for wisdom, grace and strength!

7:19 PM  

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