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Friday, January 20, 2006

Birthday Idea

Alivia's first birthday is fast approaching (today is her 10 month birthday). And I would really like to do something special for her day. So I'm going to try to make a quilt. (quit laughing!) I would like to collect fabric from all the people who love her so if you fall in the group (and how could you not!) the send me a peice of fabric, either square or rectangle that is 12x12 or smaller. If you want to write a little message with fabric pens or even stitch something on it that would be great. Then as she grows she can cuddle up with it. Thanks ahead of time for doing this.


Anonymous Rach said...

Sweet! Can't believe she'll be one already.
I think I can squeeze out a square of fabric from a teeny little shirt that me AND mama wore at some point when we were 21 and crrraazy. If only I had a leftover flag from colorguard or a piece of that red prom dress....

12:22 PM  

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