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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

This weekend

Friday night was the coffee house at the Mill. It was very nice and well attended. We had a great time catching up with some friends and hearing some great acts. There was a family who all play together (6 kids and the parents). It was Irish music and was amazing. Definetly a highlight. Thanks to everyone who came and made it a successful evening. And a huge thanks to the greatest grandparents of all time for babysitting Alivia. She, of course, loved it.

Saturday we went into the city to visit some shops that were doing a fund raiser for Alivia. Actually all the shops in the city were doing "Shop for a cause" and three of them picked Alivia as their cause. Thanks so much. Then we had a great lunch at Character's Pub (my favorite place to eat). They are so amazingly kind. They all wear Alivia bracelets, sell them to customers and take great care of us when we're there. We always walk away amazed by their care. That evening we went to DipCo with Andy, Sonya and Christian. Alivia got to stay with her two favorite playmates again. We laughed so much. It was a really good time. Thanks guys.

Sunday James went to church and my parents and I went to get some Christmas shopping done then meet up with James for lunch. After lunch my parents hit the road and we went home to meet up with John, Will (James' brothers) and Jeremy (Will's best friend). We had a great afternoon. All in all a good, fun, relaxing weekend.

Monday night we had the fund raiser at the Conestoga. It was a good time. Lots of our friends from the rugby team where there and some friends from church. Thanks to everyone that came out.

Please pray for Alivia's rash. It is not getting worse and seems to be clearing up but it still is itchy and makes her uncomfortable. She is doing wonderfully otherwise. Such a peach. She is walking more and more, talking (babbling) up a storm and just making us all laugh. I am so blessed to be her mom and get to spend all my time with her. I love her more each day. She said "mama" last night...then just laughed like it was the greatest thing (and like she'd been able to do it for ages and was just waiting for the right moment). I wish I could bottle her cuteness and take it out when I'm feeling blue or give it for Christmas or something.

I posted more health info on the friendsofalivia blog. Check it out.

Thanks to Dolores Byers, Kathy Booker, and Gregg, Audrey, Megan and Evan Hostetter for the cards. Thanks to Norah and Emma Chase for the advent calendar.


Blogger Briana Almengor said...

What a gift God has given to you and so many others in your daughter. I love reading these posts, hearing how full God has made your life and how abundantly He provides mercy and even blessing throughout this trying time.
Still praying daily for all of you.
love you much, friend!

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was just there and didn't get to see her walk or say "Mama!" Aw!Those things are mostly just for you, Emily. Her cuteness is there for anyone who is paying attention to it. (I DID get to see the cuteness when I was there.) You can't give it to anyone for Christmas though! Aunt Cheryl

4:30 PM  
Anonymous beth said...

Glad to hear the blessings, and continually praying for you all... for wonderful, beautiful alivia...
love you all so much,
psalm 10:17

11:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad to have our computer up and running again! I just spent time catching up on Alivia and the fam. I've missed you guys! :)

It sounds like you have had a nice respite. We saw Bill & Cynthia tonight so I was able to hear from them how things were going before I read your blog. I am so praying that these holidays are full of laughter and fun and no worries about the future!

Love you guys! Let me know if there is anything we can ever do for you!

Julie (Dan & Jude too!)

12:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Got the bracelets a couple of days ago! Things have been hectic so sorry I haven't gotten on here until now to let you know that I got them. Everyone will be thrilled to get them.

The "Mama" story is soooo cute! Keaton is five and a half months older than Alivia and he JUST started saying "Mama". He is such a stinker because he has been saying "Dada" forever and I think he was not saying my name on purpose. Joey would say, "Say Momma" and he would look at me and say, "Dada" and just burst out laughing. I am sure Keaton was picking on me.

You all have a blessed Christmas Season. I will be on here to catch up every few days.


5:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now who had more "fun" babysitting? Alivia or her grandparents...hands down, the grandparents!!! Dad and I are still talking about it, especially seeing Mr. Moon! Love, Mom

6:37 PM  

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