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Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving and the like

This was such a nice holiday weekend. We got to spend Thanksgiving day with James' family. Chris made it home from Boston so everyone was together. The table had a sweet baby girl at the head (Alivia) and a sweet baby girl at the foot (cousin Hannah). They are only 4 months apart and spent the holiday trying to figure each other out. Alivia is so used to being around big people she wasn't sure what to make of this person the same size as her. Even Livi's little friends are bigger than her. Hannah is probably the first person Livi can look right in the eyes. Pretty cute. We had a suprise visit (at least for me) from Mamaux and Uncle Howard (Bill's mom and brother) towards the end of the evening. Its been ages since we've seen Howard and it was fun to catch up and joke around. We took lots of pictures (William send me a family one so I can post it). I made the desserts (mentioned that already didn't I?). My helper and I made 4 desserts....pecan squares (taste like pecan pie my husband's favorite), apple cream pie, sweet potato souffle and chocolate trifle (for the no-pie people).

We decided to head to Indiana that evening to make travel easier for Alivia. It went well but she got a little over excited when we got there and realized that Gigi and Grandpa were awake. She had a bit of trouble getting back to sleep but finally did around 2. Friday we all spent the day enjoying Alivia (and each other). Saturday my Marmie (grandma), Aunt Lisa and Uncle Rob came to visit (See the above photo). Livi was a charmer as always. We played Scrabble while she napped (I won) and the boys watched football (lets not talk about who won). James and I had planned to go to my 10 yr reunion...till I looked at the invite and realized it was Friday night so we missed it. They'll have another one...in 5 years. All in all it was a great weekend. So much to be thankful for. Here are just a few things.
...my salvation
...great counts last week and no visit till this Thursday
...Livi's new trick
...safe travel for everyone (to and from Boston, N. Carolina, Virginia, and Lancaster)
...Grandpa, Gigi, D-Dad, and Nan
...Livi's uncles (Matt, Andrew, John, Aaron, Chris and Will)
...Livi's aunt (Viv)
...Livi's cousins (Nicholas and Hannah)
...our extended families
...our sweet friends


Please continue to pray for Alivia's healing. Pray for her diaper rash (the meds are making it almost impossible to fight off and changing diapers just brings her to tears from the pain).

Don't forget to check this blog for more educational info about the transplant. It will make it so much easier to understand what we're going through when we're in the middle of it. (I wont' have to explain terms)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Livi's new trick...do tell!!! So happy things are happy with the Haughery's. Hope your holiday season is splendid!

12:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, and regarding diaper rash...have you ever tried triple paste...sort of like Desitin, but you have to ask for it at the Pharmacy...I know CVS in Indiana has it. It works wonders...you don't need a prescription, but they keep in the pharmacy.

4:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We missed you at the reunion, but it is nice to hear you had time just to relax and enjoy each other.


8:11 AM  
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