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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Last Night

Last night was a bit crazy. Livi went to bed as usual at 9. She fell asleep quickly and James and I started a movie (Cinderella Man...very good by the way). At around 11:15 she started to fuss and then we heard a weird noise and she started to cry. So we ran up and she had thrown up all over the place. It was the saddest thing I ever saw. She was so tired but not feeling good so she didn't know what to do. So we stripped her bed, changed her pj's, called my mom (cause whenever something goes wrong you gotta call in the big guns!) and took her back downstairs with us. She just layed on me and tried to sleep. But she kept gagging and got sick 2 more times. Each time we had to change my clothes and her pj's. I just felt so bad for her. Around 12 James went up to get a bit of sleep. He set the alarm for 3 so he could come relieve me if she was still sick (such a good guy) and he took his cell phone so that if I needed him I could call him (he is a very deep sleeper so that is the only way to make sure he would wake up). Livi and I stayed on the couch downstairs. She drank some water and nursed around 2. Then fell fast asleep and slept till 9. Of course this morning she woke up with a smile on her face. Good thing babies don't remember things. To her its like it never happened. I think I got off pretty easy for her first stomach ache! It only really lasted a few hours and now she's back to her happy, smiley self.

I'm learning so much about being a mom. I would have changed places with her in a second. I can't even imagine if she was really sick how it would feel. Being a mom is amazing. Your heart feels like it's outside your body. Every little thing that hurts her affects me so much.

I want to say thanks to my mom. She is so great at reassuring me when I freak out about things (I know you are all suprised that I ever freak out!). Mom, you have been a great mom to me. I have an amazing example to follow. I'm so glad that Livi gets to have you as her Gigi, too. We are both lucky girls. I love you tons.


Anonymous Gretchen aka MOM said...

Emily. I think you have quite a gift expressing yourself...I love the blogs. Even the eye ache!!!!!
You type, I say them. MOM

9:55 AM  

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