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Thursday, August 09, 2007


I've decided to post some of the things others have said about Alivia since she died. Many of our friends have blogs and wrote something the day after and others have shared amazing things at her memorial or funeral. I have asked some people if I could post them on my blog. Starting now and going for the next week or so I hope to post what my friends/family share with me.

Here is what my friend Christi wrote on her blog. Christi and I went to high school together and lost touch after graduation but since have gotten in touch again. Thanks for your words Christi.

I'll lend you for a little time a child of mine, He said ...

For you to love while she lives ... and mourn for when she's dead. It may be six or seven years, or twenty-two or three, but will you, till I call her back, take care of her for me? She'll bring her charms to gladden you. And shall her stay be brief, you'll have her lovely memories as solace for your grief.

I cannot promise she will stay, since all from Earth return. But there are lessons, taught down there, I want this child to learn. I've looked the wide world over in search for teachers true, And from the throngs that crowd life's lanes, I have selected you.

Now ... will you give her all your love ... nor think the labor in vain? Nor ... hate me when I come to call ... to take her back again?

I fancied that I heard you say ... “Dear Lord, it will be done! For all the joy Your Child shall bring, the risk of grief we'll run. We'll shelter her with tenderness. We'll love her while we may, And for the happiness we've known ... forever grateful stay.

“But shall the angels call for her much sooner than we've planned, We'll brave the bitter grief that comes ... and try to understand.”*unknown author

I will spend the rest of my life striving to give my children everything that Alivia's parents managed to provide to her in just over 2 years. There are many thing in this world I struggle to make sense of and this has been added to the list...

Sweet peace, sweet Livi.


Anonymous Carmen your Canadian Friend said...

A beautiful post! I am constantly reminded of Livi in the faces of my daughters. I promise to cherish them, as you cherish Livi. My prayers and thoughts will continue and I pray that you feel them from my heart. I check your blog every day and am greatful for your words. May the Father hold you close and give you comfort.

12:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So beautiful...just know that you and James (and all your family) are in my heart. There are nights when I awake or when I haven't gone to bed and the whole house is quiet and dark and I sit and think of and cry for all of you. I sometimes wonder if you are awake at the same time because one of the things I have related to the most in the past year I have been reading this blog is when you would mention how things seemed so much bigger and scarier at night. I have been there so many a time and my prayer is that God will be there with you all somewhere in the night.



12:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Emily,
Thank you so much for posting once again. I imagine you typing through tears, but I hope doing this brings some measure of comfort to you.
You indeed did receive Livi from God and have placed her back into His hands.

God bless you, dear!

Still praying.

Mary Ann K.

8:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Emily.
Maryann Plesnicher

9:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dearest Emily and James
Thank you once again for sharing with us.
I pray for you and your beautiful parents--I think about you so often. You remain in my heart.
God Bless and Comfort You

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting. What a beautiful tribute to Alivia and her wonderful parents. Looking forward to more tributes and still praying. - Sue F.

10:43 AM  
Blogger Jonalee said...


love you!

12:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was a touching post. I miss sweet little livi, but am excited to see her again one day in Heaven. I am praying for you guys constantly. I can't imagine the pain you are gowing through, just remember God is faithful. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

love ya,

12:56 PM  
Blogger Briana Almengor said...

It's good to "hear" from you. Praying for you daily, friend, knowing each day may seem like an uphill climb to get through missing your little girl so much. I wish I had just the right words to say to bring the comfort you need in the very moment you need it. I know I don't but I trust GOd's Spirit and His Word to be effective to bring you the comfort you need just when you need it. I love you so much friend. Call anytime and I'll just listen if that's what you need.

1:16 PM  
Blogger Parmer Clan said...

Grateful for the post and to "hear" from you as well. Praying hard here for you and James.

1:33 PM  
Anonymous Beth Young said...

That was beautiful.

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thinking of you often!!!

Love you!
Heather L.

3:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So amazing! I am continually lifted by you, Emily, as you live your faith so honestly -so real. Thank you for sharing these tributes as many of us are still grasping to heal and live fully as Livi had.

Please know you are in my prayers.

Anne Carroll

9:04 PM  
Blogger friends of ian said...


It's totally fine with us to post what Steve wrote. We all love you much!

10:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an amazing and beautiful way of seeing this. Thanks for sharing!!

1:46 PM  

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