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Monday, April 17, 2006

Home at last.

I can't even believe that we are in our home. It feels so surreal. I have been rushing around unpacking and doing laundry and just trying to adjust to the idea of being here. I want to hold it loosely since we could be re-admitted to the hospital on Wednesday and see this as a break and a gift, even if only for a moment. Regardless of whether this is for 2 days or forever we are amazed, stunned, joyful, and more thankful than we have ever been in our whole lives!

We had pizza to celebrate and are just trying to adjust. On Wednesday we will go to the outpatient clinic for a blood test. If the levels are still low or lower then she can come back home. If there is any kind of spike they will re-admit us. My mom, dad and Cynthia are all coming with me so that will be a huge help. They said that it will be a long day since we will get labs before our appointment and then have the appointment with the doctor. So we are going to pray that this is a miracle and that she is ok.

For those of you who understand medical speak I will write some of the main points from the discharge papers and if you want more e-mail me and I'll send it all to you. Admission Diagnosis: splenomegaly, r/o malignancy
Principal d/c Diagnosis: splenomegaly
WBC count upon admission was approx 190,000 and hemoglobin was quite low. Bone marrow aspiration showed 1% Blasts and increased eosinaphils (correct spelling finally)....Absence of the JAK2 Mutation and an absence of the BCR-ABL CML/All-type translocation (citogenetic test results). It was also felt that this was surely NOT any kind of acute leukemia. A certain diagnosis could not be made at this time, although it was felt that some type of malignancy and there was question of JMML or an eosinaphilic process. Over the hospital stay , the WBC count decreased to 60,000, but the splenomegaly remained a prominent feature. It was felt that by 4/17, although a diagnosis was not yet certain, nothing new was being done for Alivia's support in the hospital and that she was stable for discharge. She will be closely followed in clinic...

So they still don't know what we are dealing with. I am just so relieved for this time home. I can't wait to sleep in my own bed and wear different clothes (I only took 3 outfits to the hospital).

Thanks for today
Cards from the Millen Kids, Mary Ann and Joe Kisic (thanks for the personal experience story it was really helpful), Jill Piper, The Plesnickers, Scott and Ang Stolzfus, Lynn Bassler and Sandy and Ralph Jones (the gift was so great)

The purple Heff-a-lump from the Lovelands (Brandi K. you can tell Autumn that her prayer was answered and she got a purple elephant in the mail to play with..Thanks Heather, Chris and Cameron). The Panera gift card from The Newmans, the visit and Go Dog Go book and Dog from Jeremy, April, Lane and Ava Stolzfus. And the great painting from Joanne and Mike Allen (the other gift is more than we could even think to start thanking you for in a blog...We are so greatful and can't put into words how blessed we are).

Please continue to pray that God's glory will be displayed through a miracle. And that He will continue to give us the grace to get through this.

Also please continue to write notes to the nurses! They expressed how much it meant. You can send them to me and I'll drop them off when I am there. I thought of two more that I didn't name before (Winnie and Collette)I think that this is a great way to show them how important their job is and how much it means to not only us but those who love us.

We all feel like we've been on a roller coaster...not the end of the ride yet but a sort of break. We are exhausted (physically and emotionally) and just looking forward to a day of nothing tomorrow. Maybe a day at the park. Anything that will give us time to enjoy our God, each other and Alivia being home. Blessings and much thanks to all of you for continueing to walk through this with us. I will continue to post and hopefully continue to hear from all of you. It has been so wonderful to know that you are all praying for us so diligently.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are home. That's what I've been praying for---that and that Alivia is healed. Aunt Cheryl

9:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AAAAHHHH! That is the collective sigh of relief! Glad that you are home!!!

Love, Les

9:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are rejoicing with you...Oh! The joy of the ordinary!
We serve an awesome God1


Aunt Anne and family

9:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr. F. said, "this can go away and we will never know what it was, or, it could be leukemia." Psalme 40:11 says "AS FOR YOU LORD, YOU WILL NOT RESTRAIN YOUR MERCY FROM ME, YOU STEADFAST LOVE AND YOUR FAITHFULNESS WILL EVER PRESERVE ME!" We have only come this far because of everyone's prayers...I FEEL them. Oh, how great to stroll Emily and James' floors with Livi, and not 7th Hershey. The mercy of God.
Cynthia Haughery is amazing, she cooked Easter Sunday dinner for 16 and packed it up and transported it to the Booker's house for a wonderful Easter. Bill would not leave any food for Corey, though. (Inside joke). It will takes decades to live that one down. The Booker's...incredible. Let the Allen men stay there, fed them a gourmand meal, and is a cool guy.
Kristi A. prayed that God would surprise us today...she probably thinks she is queen of heaven. But I just love her wisdom and her prayers. Thanks to all of you. We could not have come this far without the constant love and encouragement of you all. Good night...I am sleeping in jammies instead of jeans. Ah, the small things. Gigi

10:05 PM  
Blogger All the Millens said...

Emily, I have tears in my eyes reading about you being in your own home. Praise God! He is leading you beside some still waters to restore your souls. We will continue to lift up Alivia. Sleep well, my friend! Katherine

10:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't know where my comment went. This is a test.

10:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW! What wonderful news. Whatever it means, we gladly receive it straight from the Throne of GRACE! Isn't it great that we can praise him, even when things are "bad" because we know he's in control, and then when its "good" we just keep on praising him for that! Either way,we just praise him. Lets never stop!

10:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happpy news! We are rejoicing with you.

Carol M.

Isn't He good, Isn't he kind
Hasn't He blessed us time after time
Isn't He good, all of our days
With endless mercies and ceaseless
O let us sing: He is good!

11:25 PM  
Blogger beth said...

oh my gosh! praise God! still praying... lots of love,

1:26 AM  
Anonymous Melissa Stoltzfus said...

Wonderful, wonderful, news. God is so good. I would often pray for you, Emily, as I was making french toast for my kids (their current favorite) that you, too, would be home in your kitchen making breakfast for your family soon. And today you are! God is so good.

Melissa Stoltzfus

7:32 AM  
Anonymous Amy Nicole said...

Sooooo excited and sooooo happy that you all are home together. What peace this must also give James! We were looking forward to coming to visit tonight, but we are even more excited that you are home!! Praise God for his love and care for His children. We will be praying for you Wednesday hoping that you will get even more good news and God's grace will continue to shine brightly. Welcome home "neighbors"! Love, Andy, Amy and Hannah

8:33 AM  
Anonymous Amy Nicole said...

Sooooo excited and sooooo happy that you all are home together. What peace this must also give James! We were looking forward to coming to visit tonight, but we are even more excited that you are home!! Praise God for his love and care for His children. We will be praying for you Wednesday hoping that you will get even more good news and God's grace will continue to shine brightly. Welcome home "neighbors"! Love, Andy, Amy and Hannah

8:33 AM  
Anonymous c curry said...

What an AWESOME GOD! I had goose bumps and tears in my eyes as i read your least two entrys. So glad you can be home and be more comfortable as you continue on this journay. I rejoice with you and praise God for his goodness and mercy. I will continue to pray and trust for God's complete healing of Alivia. Enjoy your time at home with your precious little one.

Claudia Curry

8:37 AM  
Anonymous Nikki Lilly said...

Well, I think you're going home, just because I finally put a card in the mail and now you're not at the hospital to get it! THANK THE LORD! I'm so glad you guys are headed home and it seems she is making great progress...the numbers alone show that. I'll continue the prayers!


10:21 AM  
Anonymous Jamie said...

Emily and the rest of her family-

i hope you enjoy a wonderful day together and hope that you all were rested last night after sleeping in a real bed. enjoy the spring weather and i am wishing that i coould go to the park too, instead of sitting at a desk working in front of a computer. may the Lord renew your strength today and give you joy and hope that is only found in Christ. have a great day! love jamie

10:23 AM  
Blogger Nora said...

We thank God that you are able to go home and get a rest! We'll be praying for you as you go for tests.... Love you!
Nora & Travis

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The staff at LAMS power prayed for Alivia this morning...about 30 of us. Then my class prayed for her as well. We will keep this up so that it NEVER becomes full blown leukemia. God will take care of Alivia no matter what. I am proud of the way you are handling all of this.
Dana Parmer

11:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


George Mueller has been God's gift to me for incredible encouragement and faith. I hope this encourages you.

My Heavenly Friend
by George Mueller

The precious Lord Jesus Christ is our friend. Oh, let us seek to realize this! It is not merely a religious phrase or statement, but truly He is our friend. He is the
Brother " born for adversity," the one who "sticks closer than a brother." Who will never leave and never forsake us.
How precious even on earth to have a heavenly friend, for this brings the joys of heaven in a little degree into our hearts now. This is just what our heavenly Father desires regarding His children, that they might be as happy as they are capable of being while here in the body. Have we entered into this, that the One who is "altogether lovely " is ready hour by hour, to be our Friend?
When we cannot sleep at night, say to Christ, " My precious heavenly Friend, wilt Thou give me a little sleep?" When in pain, say, " My precious heavenly Friend, if it may please Thee, wilt Thou take away this pain? But if not, if Thou sees better that it should continue, sustain, help, and strengthen me, my precious heavenly friend!" When we feel lonely and tired, turn to the precious Lord Jesus; He is willing to be our friend in our loneliness. For sixty-two years and five months I had a beloved wife, and now in my ninety-second year I am left alone. But I turn to my precious Lord Jesus as I walk up and down in my room, and say, " My precious Lord Jesus, I am alone, and yet not alone, Thou art with me; Thou art my friend; now Lord, comfort me and strengthen me, give to Thy poor servant everything Thou sees he needs."
Oh, this is a reality, not a fable, that the Lord Jesus Christ is our friend. We should not be satisfied till we are brought to this, that we know the Lord Jesus Christ experientially to be our friend and habitually to be our friend. Just ponder this. Habitually, never leaving, never forsaking us, at all times and under all circumstances ready to prove Himself to be our friend.
He is willing not merely to grant this for a few months, or a year or two, but to the very end of our earthly pilgrimage. David, in Psalm 23 says: "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me." Oh, how precious this is. For this "Lovely One" is coming again, and soon. Soon He will come again; and then He will take us home and there we shall be forever with Him. Oh, how precious is that bright and glorious prospect. Here again the practical point is to appropriate this to ourselves. "He is coming to take me-poor, guilty, worthless, hell-deserving me-He is coming to take me to Himself." And to the degree in which we enter into these glorious things, the joys of heaven have already commenced!

12:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh yeah....


12:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldn't of been more thrilled when I read that you all are at home. Praise God!!
I will continue to pray for Alivia's miracle and peace for your hearts.
Alivia's photo's are totally adorable. What a precious jewel.
And along w/everyone else...I thank you for being a "written" example of Gods grace when in the fire.
May Gods blessing be all over you!!

1:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will surely be praying that God would preform a miracle by having all Alivia's tests come back normal on Wednesday. Enjoy your time at home. Love you,

3:28 PM  
Blogger Briana Almengor said...

Will be praying for your day tomorrow.

10:18 PM  

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