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Friday, April 14, 2006

another Day

Last night went much better than the night before. We were up for about an hour and she woke up when the respirtory thearipist came in but then she slept till 6:30. She is doing great. Still no outward signs. We are just hanging around waiting for the doctor. My extended family (some of them) arrived a bit ago and so the room is packed to the gills with people. My brother Andrew is stuck in D.C. (layover) and he called to say that they were waiting for the pilots to sober up. (haha) I need a bit of Andrew humor. Can't wait to see my brothers.

We should hear something today. But then they thought we would hear something Monday. So pray for a positive diagnosis (as I know you have been) or even better pray for a miracle.


Blogger steph said...


Have a wonderful time with your family. Rach could pick Andrew up for you? Ha! I would but I'm headed up to the other side of PA to see my parents :) I hope your diagnosis is that she is miraculously all better!!!

Love you!

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

I wish I could be there to see you guys, unfortunately it's nearly impossible to get people to cover my shifts at the Gap these days. Mike and I will be in Delaware in 3 weeks, maybe we'll swing by for a quick visit during that trip. Give my love to Alivia.

Cousin Sarah

12:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Praying for that miracle!!!! Enjoy your family...yeah!!!

Love you- Les

12:17 PM  
Blogger All the Millens said...

Have a great day with them all. Soak it in! Tell Aaron I remember sitting at a table near him at our last Celebration and he was mixing chocolate milk and Coke! and drinking it!! Just something else to make you smile.


12:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Emily and James,

Enjoy the visit with your family. We are praying for that miracle. I'll check your website later for updates. Thank you for serving all of us in posting daily reports. Hugs and Squeezes from us to you.

The Boronow Family

1:55 PM  
Blogger Sara Rankin said...

James and Emily,

Thanks for the updates. I'm so glad that family is there with you today. Something I read this past week and I thought of Alivia as I prayed over the psalm.

He is Risen!

Psalm 121
I lift up my eyes to the hills—
where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth. He will not let your foot slip— he who watches over you will not slumber;
indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep. The LORD watches over you— the LORD is your shade at your right hand; the sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night. The LORD will keep you from all harm— he will watch over your life; the LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.

2:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My mom sent me the link to this sight after sharing the news of your precious Alivia.

I must say I am completely overwhelmed to read through, from the beginning, what the Lord has been walking you through. My heart has ached thinking of all the tests, the uncertainty, the waiting, ups and downs of news...and tears just flow. But more than those things... many tears of amazement at God's kindness and care for you all. Reading all the entries of encouragements, God's word, lyrics of songs, and all those prayers that He is placing in so many hearts for your daughter and your family have built my faith, encouraged me and shown me yet again His Amazing Love!!

Thank you so much for so faithfully writing and letting us know how to pray so specifically! I am praising God for such answered prayer (big and little) all the way through and am expectant of the good He has yet to reveal to you all!

What a beautiful testimony your faith has been to so many! Remember, God is glorified by your resolve to trust in Him even when you feel afraid or confused or not full of faith. He loves you so much and delights to help you love Him more! He is holding you all!

So much love to all of you!
Rochelle Calvetti

2:59 PM  
Blogger beth said...

i am praying for a miracle for your beautiful miracle baby.

i was at the doctor today (just for a check up) & thought of livi a lot and prayed...

your brothers make me laugh a lot :)

i love you/xxoo,

3:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Emily and James,
Was out today here and there and didn't get to catch up on the blogs til now.

Was thinking of the Alivia/Alive/Live thing and I, of course, thought of the impact you and all this must be making on the staff at the hospital. Have been there myself on the long nights as a professional on the other side of bad news, the giving it side. Have been the one holding down terrified babies, encouraging terrified parents, explaining unexplainable things to people who are so devastated and afraid. Have had to repeat again to people who just said, "You have to do WHAT to my baby?" Believe me these people do not have an easy job. It is hard to frequently if not always be the bad guy with the sharp pointy thing. Babies who you would love to cuddle start to scream every time you approach them because they start to asociate you with the pain. Very tough!! And I know what the staff talks about in the nurses station and what they think about in their hearts when they leave the room. All the cards and the encouragement you receive, believe me, they see it. They see it in your strength to keep going and your facial expressions and the way you all interact with each other and the type of visitors you get. They stand outside the door and listen to the praying and how you talk to each other about what God is saying and showing you. This has to be making a huge impact on them and I am grateful for that. Lots of people in our world today and many people in hospitals don't have anything like the support you all have. The thing that is so amazing to them is that it seems all so natural to you, talking about God and having him care about you. So keep it up and continue to live out your faith because it is making an impact and bringing life to that unit and those staff members.
Sorry this is so long but you know how I get about fellow nurses.

Please say hello to your Mom and Dad and brothers for all of us. Their row will seem very empty on Sunday. Since we read every new blog almost right away and then read everyone's comments it seems like we are talking to you, so I will say "Talk to you soon".
xoxoxoxoxoxox Patty Wallwork

4:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are praying for that miracle! I love my brother's too. They always bring a smile to my face. Hope you are refreshed with your family being there. Wyatt told me yesterday that he wants to come and sleep at the hospital so "baby Ivia" would get better. So cute. Hope you get some info from the Doctors today. Much love and prayers.
Alicia Hess<><

5:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am keeping you all in my prayers. I hope you have a wonderful day with your family.

God bless,
moriah Freeman

6:39 PM  
Anonymous dawn said...

Know that all of you are in my prayers this day and every day. I pray that He continues to give you grace as you press on through this. I pray that He gives Alivia a miraculous healing that can only come from Him and I pray the the Lord guides every single person with His wisdom and discernment. As Easter approaches the ressurection of Jesus is so brought to mind. May that miracle come soon!!!

Dawn L.

8:20 PM  
Anonymous Tim said...

Hey guys!

I'm sorry that I couldn't make it to visit you all this weekend! If it weren't for work tomorrow, I would have definitely come up with the group.

You are all in my prayers and I hope I will get a chance to see everyone soon!

Much love,
Cousin Tim

11:00 PM  

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