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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Long week

I can't believe its only Thursday! It has been the longest week ever. Its been our roughest week since the first week Liv was home from the hospital. It started out Saturday night with the throwing up. Then Sunday night she was up at least once an hour throughout the night. Monday she developed a cold (runny nose, weepy eyes, all around crabby) and naps have been crazy ever since. On top of it all I pulled a muscle in my shoulder and couldn't do a whole lot. So today I took her to the doctor because I thought maybe she had a eye ache and thats why she was so fussy. I had been checking for a tooth on the bottom all week and nothing was happening. Well I get to the doctor (which she is not a fan of) and he's checking her throat and she's crying and I see a Tooth on the top coming in. So here I am freaking out and its a tooth and I wasn't checking in the right place. I felt pretty silly. But I'm glad I know she isn't really sick. Poor baby.

But in the midst of all of this there have been some really great moments. The one night she fell asleep looking up at me and she looked so peaceful and sweet, last night I was rocking her and she started saying the letter T over and over and it just made me laugh, and she's started this cute squealing. She kind of scream/squeals and looks at you with a smile and waits till you do it back then does it again. She could play that game for hours. It makes it all worth it. I would stay up with her till all hours just for one of those moments.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

poor livi! (and livi's mom) owen sends get well wishes. if she needs to talk about tooth pain, give him a call. he's been there. (so has his mom)

i like how you soak in the sweet moments among the tough ones. yes, we are so blessed.

xoxo -tsl

9:19 PM  

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