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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

room 7261

We spent less than 24 hours in the intermediate unit...Thank God. I will be okay with never spending another second in there. It was just way to hard. It seems like no one was communicating and so we had someone in to check on her, do a breathing treatment, change meds, etc every 20 min...literally. Thankfully I ran into our doc's nurse and told her my concerns and she spoke to someone about coordinating the care so everything happened at once instead of all spread out. The worst was trying to keep the breathing mask on Alivia. It was way to big for her and pretty hard (even though it is the softest, smallest one they have) she was miserable but they didn't want to try any other ways. Finally my dad got a bit firm (thanks Dad!!) and we got the nose thingy back. Much better. We just had to do a little blow-by oxygen too. As the day progressed they were able to drop the amount of oxygen she was getting and now it is not so bad and we are back in the normal wing...in our own room. So glad to not have to share a room again. You don't realize how precious privacy is until you don't really have any. The best news of the day was that her heart is unchanged from the last time she had an echo. that means that this is not a heart related problem. Thank you Lord

please pray for the oxygen levels to stay above 92% all night, for some sleep (we still are running on less than 5 hours), that Livi's lungs will clear up more. pray for my mom and james who are still sick. They might not get to come tomorrow either. Pray that none of the rest of us get sick.

Also please continue to pray for my friend who had the baby last week. She is still having a really hard time and will remain in the hospital even though she had the baby last Thursday. All of the complication are shocking and really hard on the family. Thanks.

thanks to cynthia for all her help today (would be trying to survive on about 2 hours of sleep without her), to Kathy for dinner and the visit (so good to eat something not from the cafeteria, and to Erin for the visit and the sweet gifts. (Moose socks and M&M's make me very happy.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you got to go back to a private room. Praying and praying. Still trying to coordinate a visit, but I think I told you that Jeff's aunt died and so we havea funeral to attend and Jeff's folks are out of town due to that...so no babysitters!!!! So, know that although I am not there, I am always thinking of you and praying for you and Liv!
Love you much,


8:07 AM  
Anonymous jamie said...

Good moring emily-
i was listening to a message and it was encouragement to me and you came to mind as an example of waiting on the Lord. it stated that waiting on the Lord shows a dependence, a longing, and a trust in Him. . ."when we wait we are saying Lord you are in charge." i continue to pray and ask God to heal Alivia and make her body healthy and strong.

i hope that last night was filled with more sleep. i am thankful that your dad was there to be firm- and that you have your private room back, and thankful that her heart is unaffected!!
love you-jamie

8:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you are back in your own room. I have lots of time to pray, and will for all that you mentioned. Missing you all, Love, Mom

10:24 AM  

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