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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Another Thursday

Today is another visit to the Hershey Medical Center. It is supposed to be a rather average, easy visit. She will be getting a chest x-ray so please pray that her lungs are clear and that she doesn't scream too much. The more she screams the less likely they are to get the x-ray the first time and so they have to do it over and over.

Honestly I get very nervous before visits. And I find that I start to rely on what the docs are going to say and not on God. I let my mind think of all the things that could go wrong. Please pray for peace for me.

Livi has been doing a bit better with getting to sleep. She still is getting up a bunch at night. But at least getting her to sleep isn't taking over an hour anymore. She is a quick learner and caught on to the going to sleep fast thing again. Good girl.

If you are looking for a charitable thing to do this Christmas consider getting brand-new hats, glove and scarves of any size for the HMC clinic. They decorate a tree in the lobby with the hats,gloves and scarves then donate them to families that need them this winter. If you want to contribute get them to me before next Thursday.


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