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Thursday, April 13, 2006

This AM

We found out late last night that Alivia is going to have another bone marrow biopsy this morning. So she is not allowed to eat for at least 4 hours. She had a terrible night sleep wise last night. She woke up anytime someone walked by the room it seemed. So now she is really really tired, really really hungry and is going for another biopsy at some point. Not the best start to a day. Pray that she will be able to calm down and rest at least a little before the biopsy. She just can't seem to fall asleep. They haven't been able to take vitals this morning either since she is so upset.

I would like to mention that we would appreciate that no one come visit on Friday of this week. We are going to have our families around and we would like to have the day with just them. (Rachel you count as family so disregard this message and come see me) Saturday will be a bit less busy and Sunday too (even though its Easter). So either of those days would work better for us. We do love the company and anytime someone mentions they are coming I get so excited and start looking forward to it.

So prayer requests for this morning....smooth biopsy (She won't be fully sedated more like when the dentist removes a tooth...concious sedation...so my mom is going to go with her till she falls asleep), easy dressing change (for the dressing around the central line) Great diagnosis, some rest for me (didn't sleep much last night) and strength all around. Thanks

On a good note the white blood cells went back down to 90....thanks for praying it is working. Keep at it. We want them to continue to drop!


Blogger Lynne said...

I am leaving for work, but wanted to wish you a wonderful day of good news and God's blessings. Will be thinking about Alivia and praying her tests to go smoothly with good outcome. You know she is in good hands with your Mom right there....please send my best to your parents, Andrew and Aaron too....

9:07 AM  
Anonymous jamie said...

morning emily
i was listening to this song this morning on the way to work and i could hear everyone who has been praying for you guys join in chorus and worship. as you noted i said i was listening and everyone else was singing as you know i can not carry a note :)

"How Great is our God, sing with me,
How great is our God,
All will see how great
how great is our God.

Name above all names
Worthy of ALL praise
my heart will sing
How GREAT is my God!"

i will be praying for rest and comfort for Alivia and for the test.
love jamie

9:16 AM  
Blogger beth said...


9:24 AM  
Anonymous mrs. c said...

dear emily -
good morning, good morning to you
. . . praying for you today.

as i open your blog i find recaps and updates, prayer requests and concerns that you so faithfully are providing -
thanks for including us into your world.

continuing your journey
i would ask you to consider to post a few PHOTOS of james, you & alivia -
this would bring great delight to my heart and i know others also praying for you . . .
a source of bringing us into the situation in a more personal way.
love you, tracey campbell

10:01 AM  
Blogger steph said...

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10:44 AM  

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