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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Livi was extubated around 4 today. It is nice to see her face without the tubes coming out of it. I miss that little mouth. she gives the best kisses. the extubation went well and she is coming out of the sedation pretty well. her breathing is pretty fast still but that can happen when you've been on a breathing tube. i guess your throat is all dried out. so it takes a bit to regulate.

we still dont' have a diagnosis. all we do know is that it is not a parasite or a virus (darn!) and that it is going to be some kind of very rare leukemia. the doctor hasn't come to see us but they did have a conference of doctors about her this morning. they are still waiting for some of the genetic tests to get back from the Mayo clinic. being rare doesn't mean it is harder to treat or that it is easier to treat. until they know the exact type they can't say...well they can't say anything really. so there was some activity today but mostly waiting around a lot.

thanks to cynthia and bill for cleaning our house and doing some laundry. that relieves my wifes heart to know that my hubby will have a clean house and clothes. (yet another thing out of my countrol) Also thanks to anyone who has volunteered to donate blood. if you are going to you can go to the blood bank in this hospital and donate and tell them that if it matches you would like it to be for Alivia. Even if it doesn't match it will go to someone who really needs it.

thanks to pauline (and family) for making us dinner. its not here yet but it is so nice to get home cooked meals. and thanks to jamie and lyndon for bring it to us.

i'm going to just say a brief thanks a the end of each day to all the people that come visit. it is a bright spot in our day. so thanks bill, cynthia, john, tina lapp, jamie and lyndon sentz, sue minich and beegee herr (forgive spelling errors).


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