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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Busy Bees

The last few days have been so busy! James' youngest brother William turned 18 yesterday and we went to his family's home for a birthday dinner. No William can legally drive after midnight to buy lottery tickets and smokes on his way to war. Ha ha. We took a walk after dinner around the Haughery's neighborhood (my favorite part of the evening) and just talked to Will, John and Chris and then Bill and Cynthia and Cheryl and Paul (Cynthia's sister and her husband from NY) caught up and we walked another time around the loop. I love spring. Livi gets so excited when she sees her stroller because she knows a walk is in store and she loves walks.

Today we went to market (our favorite Saturday morning activity)and then John (the middle Haughery boy/man) graduated from college and had his grad party. There were 40 people there and everyone did a very good job of not touching Alivia (thanks!). Alivia had a blast. There were balloons, a puppy and Eden Y. (3 of her favorite things) so she was truly entertained and had fun. She took a great nap when we got home (overtired) and James and I took advantage it and slept also! MMMM....naps. This evening we are just laying low (went for a walk) and watching some tv...trying to get ready for tomorrow (another big day with the Haughery family).

James gave me the greatest mother's day present ever...he cleaned the downstairs for me! Oh one less thing to do. Thank you Sweet Heart. Couldn't ask for a better present.

Livi seems to be doing really well. She is starting to stand on her foot again so that is really reassuring. She wants to stand and is acting like she wants to take some steps. I can't wait till she is back to criusing around.

Thanks for today...

Cards from Beth Altrogge (glitter!), Betsy Camp and family (my cousin), Paul and Mary Jane Pikerowski, a great letter from MaryAnn Plesinicher (thanks for sharing!), Mothers Day cards from Marmie (can't wait to see you), Andrew (only cried a bit..can't wait to see you too!) and the Bowden Family
And two cute outfits...one from Paul and Cheryl West (Cynthia's sister and hubby) and one from Anne and Craig Bowden (Bill's sister and hubby)

Happy Mother's Day everyone.


Blogger beth said...

sounds like a crazy wkend. am glad you got some sleep. i missyou guys a whole bunch. am jealous david got to be there. my favourite:
"third haughery boy/man"

when does this transition happen?

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, as I said before, I am nominating you for Mom of the Year. It is amazing how as a mom you can conquer so much. Stuff like handling poop, being thrown up on, drool and cookie mixed kisses...but you have faced the biggest challenge I could imagine. And, you handle it like a pro. You just talk that medical jargon like it is your mother tongue, you stand by Livi's side through all of these shots, xrays, ultrasounds, blood samples, biopsies, etc. etc. You just do it...why??? Cause your a mom and that is what they do. They rise to the ocassion, swallow that lump in their throat and stand by their baby. Good job! Let me say it again...GOOD JOB!!! I know God is with you each step of the way supplying his infinite grace for each moment. What a testimony you are for the phrase, "Grace under fire!"
I hope you have wonderful Mother's Day. Enjoy the day with your family and your precious baby, who if she could, would thank you over and over again for just being a spectacular mom!
Love, Les

2:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Emily, It's Sunday afternoon & I was taking a little break. I was thinking of you! What a great mom you are! I hope you have a wonderful Mother's day! Have fun with the family & enjoy the Spring day God created, even if it is a little rainy! Happy Mother's Day!
Prayer& Blessings,
Brandi K.(&family)

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's day! have a great day. thank you for your geat example to me.

lot of prayer,
moriah freeman

7:15 PM  

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