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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Longer night

last night was so long...it feels like 2 or 3 nights. Either a nurse came in or Alivia woke up scared every hour. I was sort of delirious byt the morning. I went and woke my mom up around 6:00 and got to sleep a bit. I'm a bit tired.

If one more person checks Livi.....Seems like someone is in every 15 min. She hates it and gets so upset. She kicked her IV out around 3 but they decided not to put another one in (thank God) and were supposed to be discharged (from a surgical standpoint we are fine to go home) but they transfered us to Hematology/Oncology so that they could run some tests. Our Doc isn't here and the attending that is here isnt' familiar with Alivia's case and so until she gets in touch with our doc we will be hanging out here. I think that the attending thinks this is our first trip to the hospital because she is wanting to start treatment right away to lower the white count. But our Doc knows what the plan is (start treatment next week after they get all the test results back) so he will set her straight.

everyone gets on the same page so we can go home.
no more un-needed checks of her surgery sights
sleep for all of us when we do get home.


Anonymous Viv said...

We'll pray for you at caregroup tonight...that you all get a good nights rest!
Glad you liked the meal!
love, Viv

2:24 PM  

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