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Thursday, October 12, 2006

More Bracelet info

I got a call from the bracelet people today. Here are a few important facts.
1. All bracelets (1,200 to be exact) will be mailed tomorrow so they will arrive at my house and my dad's house early next week and I'll get them sent out ASAP. I will be handing them out next Sunday at church too.

2. We wont' be in church again this week so if you go to Crossway and want to order please just send us a note and check. Make sure you say exactly what kind and how many you want.

3. I will get your bracelets to you as soon as I get them and as soon as I recieve payment. That way I won't have to chase anyone down for payment afterwards.

4. Thanks so much for ordering them. I am actually all out of Navy. But I still have a lot of rainbow and youth. Hopefully some of you still haven't ordered and want rainbow or youth. That would be great.

Thanks to Josh and Becca Landis for the soup, Carol Landis for the great meal, Pam Burris, John and Linda Garner and Christine Oblender and family for the toys for the kids.

Alivia is doing fine today. We suprised James and brought him lunch. She just loves seeing her daddy midday. There is a big truck and a tractor in the parking lot of his shop and she thought they were pretty great. Last night she didn't keep the Gleevac down. We got most of it in but she ended up throwing up quite a bit. So I think we have to give the anti-nausea meds a little closer to when she takes the meds. Hopefully tonight will go more smoothly.
Please pray for her to sleep a little better (she was up about 6 times last night) and to eat a little more. She really only eats yogurt and bread (not for lack of trying to get her to eat other things). It does make me pretty nervous that she doesn't eat more variety. I try new things all the time. And we try things over and over and still she just spits them out. Also please pray she starts to walk on her own soon. She is completely capable but just isn't brave enough. James and I would both love to have her walking. It would make everyones life a little easier and she would enjoy herself. I also would like her to start walking on her own before we do the transplant because she will probably be even more timid after all that time in the hospital and I would like to avoid extra doctor visits after to get her to walk. Thanks.


Blogger momofcolin_chloe said...

This made me think of you today:


A Mother's love is something
that no on can explain,
It is made of deep devotion
and of sacrifice and pain,
It is endless and unselfish
and enduring come what may
For nothing can destroy it
or take that love away . . .
It is patient and forgiving
when all others are forsaking,
And it never fails or falters
even though the heart is breaking . . .
It believes beyond believing
when the world around condemns,
And it glows with all the beauty
of the rarest, brightest gems . . .
It is far beyond defining,
it defies all explanation,
And it still remains a secret
like the mysteries of creation . . .
A many splendoured miracle
man cannot understand
And another wondrous evidence
of God's tender guiding hand.

~Helen Steiner Rice

2:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Emily,
I would like to order 1 adult(rainbow is fine) and 2 youth bracelets please! I got your address before so I will send you a check. Hang in there, I just have a feeling things are going to start to turn around for all of you. And about the food thing, my boys are 5 and 3 and they still have only a select few things they will eat. My friends son will only eat bread and pasta and is around Alivia's age. I think it's just something kids do. Keep Smilin'!!!!

Natalie (Gamble) Murdick

3:07 PM  
Blogger Parmer Clan said...

Hi Emily,
Dana here. As you can imagine, I haven't been on here in a little bit, but April keeps me posted. Just wanted to remind you that we are praying for your whole family. I really feel the time in church 2 weeks ago was awesome. God was so present...he knows the desires of your heart. He also knows the "big picture" what we can't see. I hope He reveals the purpose of all of this for you soon, and that he heals Alivia and soon. Keep leaning on God...even if it means you are on your knees you are leaning so hard!!
Praying praying praying.
Dana and the gang

10:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got a great big bag of wonderful toys today from someone that goes to Calvary Church (who gave them to my friend Laura for you) and a big box of toys from Laura's work. The box is cute, you will love it. She has Livi's picture on it from you blog site. I don't think you can possibly know how many people are reading your blog and praying for you every day. Perfect strangers who are calling on the Lord for your little girl. I just think that is such a sweet picture of God's church at work.

I will try to drop them off tomorrow evening...I'm without a car for the weekend.

Oh, and...Karma Chameleon is the song of choice, just remember! Don't leave me down... (SMILE)

Love ya!

11:04 PM  
Blogger beth said...

so sweet how much she adores james...
and he loves her.
i'm praying daily...knowing God hears my prayers and believing He will answer them.
Love you all so much,

7:30 AM  
Blogger Patty W said...

Emily and James,
Reading the blogs, praying for you all and the Murphy's, my girl Erin living there with you, I am reminded of the link that joins us all together and how grateful I am for Jesus and the kingdom of God. One of the messages remarked on how people all over who don't even know you guys are praying. How comforting that is to know that when you are tired and worn out, others take up the song and plead for Livi and Ian, all day and through the night. What a blanket of love to wrap yourselves in. It reminds me of those Verizon commercials about someone using their phone and they turn around and all these support prople are just behind them, just out of sight. That's all of us to you guys, maybe out of sight but always behind you to support you in whatever way we can, and always in prayer. xoxo Patty Wallwork

8:05 AM  
Blogger Pat Burns said...

I just finshed reading your blog. And I am reminded again of how much our loving Father cares for your daughter and Ian. It is difficult to watch those you love in pain, but know that Our precious Jesus holds you and the family in His nail scarred hands will bring great comfort and strength. You have never been abandoned or forgotten by your brothers and sisters in Christ even in the darkness of night when it seems as though you have been. Tjhere are many who hold you before His throne and sing praises to Him on your behalf.
I did have to laugh as I read about your daughter's picky eating habits. I know that my meds have vastly changed my ability to enjoy food, but then, I was reminded of a yourn girl that I used to babysit who would only eat tuna caserole when she and her brother came over for a visit....does this sound familiar? :-) So, I rather think that Avilia got this pickiness genetically!!!!
Our love to you and your family,
Pat and Norman Burns

11:29 AM  
Blogger Pat Burns said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Emily-Josh and I would like 2 bracelets. You can email me w/ your address at mercerlawstudent@gmail.com and I will send you a check. Whatever color you have a surplus of is fine. I'll reply back w/ our address when I hear from you. Praying for you daily! -Natalie West

1:15 PM  
Anonymous Monica C. said...

I just wanted you to know that I am praying for your sweet Alivia, and for your entire family. God bless,

4:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an encouragement to me to read all of you encouraging Emily. We just needed some of you fresh encouragers to step in. I have also spoken to some folks by phone or email this week...and have been blessed to hear they are still praying. THank you, I am humbled and blessed at the same time. Love, Gigi

10:11 PM  
Blogger linda anne said...


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