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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Little blessings

Livi is alert and playing with toys. a little like herself. I love every little glimpse of my girl. She is so sweet. All the nurses are raving about how sweet and cute she is...I, of course, agree 100%. She is going to have the cathader removed and then she will get to eat! Mommy duties are coming around....so far a very good morning.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Emily, James, Alivia

Joanne , Jeffrey and I are praying for God's healing hand to be all over this.We are praying for strength for all of you , wisdom for the Doctors and a miraculous recovery for your sweet little Livi.Dave and Gretchen are in our prayers as well. You are on the prayer chain at Central Peninsula Church in Foster City, CA and we have our friends praying for you guys as well.If there is anything we can do please let us know.

Uncle Mike

12:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dearest Emily,
What a joy it must have been to your heart to cuddle Alivia this morning!
You are so wise to keep this journal (blog) of the daily events. As intense as everything is now, time has a way of making our memories fade. Writing everything down helps now and will be a treasure later, remembering all the love and support given to you.
I have been sick with cancer and I have stood by family members as they were sick. Believe me, I think you have the harder part…standing by.
Please know that even if there are times that you feel that you can’t even pray, that others are praying their hearts out, pouring their hearts out, to a Heavenly Father who loves us and hears our prayers. No matter what statistics you hear, here is one that is certain: God hears and answers our prayers 100% of the time! You will experience His presence during this trial like no other time.
I thought of this when I read that you didn’t have a good night last night:
When I was sick with cancer, I cried every single day. Then, I learned how precious my tears were to God. Here is Psalm 56:8 from the Living Bible translation: “You have seen me tossing and turning through the night. You have collected all my tears and preserved them in your bottle! You have recorded everyone one in your book.” How about that, Emily? God cares so much for us that He has a collection and record of our tears!
You and James and Alivia are constantly in my prayers. I pray for a complete healing of Alivia. I pray for peace, strength and wisdom for you and James. I pray for Alivia’s caregivers to give her exactly what she needs.
Enjoy your daily "miracles" with Alivia!

Mary Ann K.

12:04 PM  
Anonymous Ang said...

I look forward to seeing you tonight. Even though it's only been 2 days since I was up it feels like it's been weeks!! Is there anything you can think of that you need? Call me if there is anything. Love you!

12:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there. I know you don't know me well, but I wanted you to know that I have been praying for you and Alivia. I have a 5th grade class and we are praying for her daily. Stay strong in the Lord!!

We love you,
The Parmers (Patrick and Dana)

12:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah again!!!!
I am so glad to hear that she is alert and playing.
Must tell you that 0 housework is getting done around here today. Just checking your blog constantly, emailing friends to pray, praying, crying.
I think that I will be out of the woods with cooties tomorrow and Jeff's mom will watch the kids....I can't wait to get up there and give you a hug.
We are standing with you!!!
Love, Les

12:29 PM  
Blogger Lynne said...

Hi Em and family....
I too have been checking your blog often to keep updated on that little sweetheart and progress. I can honestly say that for the first time I was thankful for a hot flash in the middle of the night that woke me up. I took that time thinking about you all and what you must be going through and praying for the best for Alivia. Just know Denny and I are thinking about you.

12:46 PM  

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