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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Now I have a cold. Probably the best treatment will be sleeping on a foam pad in the hospital tomorrow night. So not the best treatment but maybe I'll be better by then. We had a busy day...through the course of which I realized that Alivia has the same cold as me. I gave her some medicine and she is sleeping really well. Hopefully a good night sleep will help us all and prepare us for tomorrow.

Please pray for quick healing from our colds, a nice room in the hospital (little nervous about that) and taht we won't have to stay long in the hospital.

Thanks for today
Cards from Benjamin Kim (so impressed with his penmanship and only 15 months old) thansk for the stickers too.
Marcella Giballino (you are so sweet thanks!!)
Aunt Kathy (Livi waved it around for a bit)
Bob and Bonnie Bell (from my parents church)
and a sweet drawing from Keaton Bunting...Livi chewed on the corner so she must have really liked it. Thank you so much. (sorry I was half asleep when you dropped it off)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will be praying for you all day tomorrow.
Sweet AI dreams...just don't have any nightmares about the Clay Aiken look-a-like. I am still quite shaken from that whole thing.
Rest well!!!!

love, Les

10:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i pray the cold will go away soon. i am praying for you guys! remember to call on God when you feel you can'[t make it any longer, he will help you get through this! give livi a hug for me!

lots of prayers,

9:31 AM  
Anonymous jamie said...

i am praying for you and alivia and james this morning. i was thankful you were able to come to care group last night. you continue to be on my heart and i continue to ask God to heal her. continue to hold on to truth from His word. He is faithful to continue to grow us more like Him and to grows us to have faith in Him.
need anything let me know.
love you-jamie

. . ."Now in putting everything in subjection to him, he left nothing outside his control". Hebrew 2:8

9:38 AM  
Blogger beth said...

oh i'm sorry you are sick! i'm praying for you all a lot. i have so many pictures of you all in my room, in my purse, on our fridge...i love you all so much.

9:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

awww i hope you all feel better! i pray you will not be in the hospital long and that all treatment goes well. remember that God is right by your side and will not leave you! i am praying hard for you(james and livi). rest on the Lords shoulder, and he will guide you. please give yourself a big huge from me.

lots of love,
Christi Boronow

10:28 AM  
Anonymous mrs. c said...

dear emily -
this was sent my way today.
love, mrs. c

I see not an inch of the road before me. . .

. . . have no stock of strength or ability for the journey.

But I must live moment by moment on the Lord God,
who will make my feet like hinds' feet, to tread upon
very high places ”even the God who performs all
things for me.

Moreover, to use another figure, I must lie in the
arms of my Beloved as a helpless infant ”without
wisdom or power to do anything for myself ”but
believing that "the everlasting arms of love" will
prove a safe conveyance.

Oh! what a blessed Jesus we have ”who can so soften
affliction and so sweeten Marah's bitter stream, making
us exceeding joyful even in tribulation.
- By, R.Bryan

11:30 AM  

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