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Thursday, May 18, 2006


Today was a day to relax and try to get back to real life. Alivia is doing well and we are slowly increasing the time between Codine doses. We did 5 hours and are trying to make it to 6 before the next dose. Just trying to figure out how much pain she is in, how best to manage it and when to quit giving the medicine. We are all for regulation of the pain but would be happy to stop the meds if she isn't in pain. So far so good. Right now I am cooking dinner, James is showering, and Gigi and Livi are on a walk. She sure does love her Gigi!

Our main concern today was lack of poop. Another day without any. A little gas (can't believe I'm even writing this all out) but nothing else. She isn't eating completely normally so that might add to it but the Codine can cause constipation too. So we got a prescription for some medicine that will hopefully get things kick started. She hated it and didn't want to take it.

We got to go to the park today with some of my girlfriends and their kids. Livi loved seeing Owen, Grace, Samuel, Hannah, Spencer and Cole. And I loved seeing Amy, April, Tina and denies (if you are trying to do the math..There were 2 sets of twins!). We laughed and talked and went on the slide...Tina did you get a turn? Then it started to get really windy and we all made mad dashes for our cars (laughing the whole way!!!). It was great. Thanks for thinking of it Amy.

Thanks for today...
My mom for doing so much for us (running errands, letting me sleep after a long night, taking Livi for a walk, helping in so many ways I can't even list them)
Amy for thinking of a play date and getting it all set up
Super sweet card from Moriah Freeman (I am stunned by your maturity...I was not like you when I was your age...I hope someday Alivia cares for others as you do.)
My other girls for treating me the same as always and not acting like I'm different cause Livi is sick
Denise for making us some chili (to freeze) even though she has twins and a million other things to do.
James for working so hard and then coming home and mowing the grass....you, my love, are the best!
I always want to thank all the girls under the age of 20 who diligently comment and write to us. It means so much that you girls take the time to care when most people your age are just concerned with themselves. It blesses us so much. Thank you Beth A., Moriah F. and Christi B.

Pray for....
-a better night sleep. Still getting up a lot. She is still scared I think
-poop (especially so we don't have to take the gross medicine today)
-wisdom to know how and when to stop giving the codine
-quick healing of all incisions
-also pray for my friend Briana...her son Judah has a lot of medical concerns and is having to have some tough tests done today and may have to stay in the hospital this weekend. He is a trouper and has been through more than I can even imagine and is still a happy little guy. Also pray for his twin Tucker who is having to be separated from his family while all this is going on. (they are almost 2 by the way)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are so very welcome for the card! thank you for your kind words, they are very encouraging to me! i am praying for you guys! thanks again for your godly example. i feel like i have gotten to know you a little better just from commenting on your blog and sending cards even though we haven't really talked in person. it is nice to have godly role models to look up to, like you! have a great night sleep!


7:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am glad to see you all are doing better. i wanted to let you know i am praying for you livi and james. you are on my mind and on my heart. you are a great mom and wife. Alivia is lucky to have parents like you and james.


7:58 PM  
Anonymous tina said...

no, i did not get a turn! must go back & try out that slide. Owen was a little T.O.'d about missing out. good times.

xoxo -tina

8:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad you had an "uneventful" day...except for the poops of course!
Sorry I was a lame-o and totally forgot about the park! (Sorry Amy...I am planning Aksel's first bday party...I am a bit scattered!)
We will continue to pray...thanks for the specific requests...they help a lot.
Hope tonite is restful for both you and Livi!
Love ya- Les

8:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The park was fun...Emily and Livi are truly blessed with such friends. I am SO GLAD I stayed to "help"...not so sure I am much of a help. Thanks to Kelly T. for being a trooper, and to Cynthia for being such a woman of God. Gigi

9:01 PM  
Blogger Briana Almengor said...

Thanks for mentioning Judah and Tucker here. How incredibly thoughtful. I can't tell you what a kindred spirit I'm feeling to you more and more these days. It's nearly uncanny the similar circumstances you and I find ourselves in. And, God is so good to surround us with His Body who so skillfully and with great compassion cares for us. Aren't we the luckiest girls in the world!
I thought of you all day today and wanted to be sure to tell you that I left the room, too, for the IV's, blood draws and lumbar puncture. Even under sedation (a double dose at that), Judah screamed and fought through the entire procedure. It took three adults to hold him still for the LP and they went through two kits! Crazy, little strong man he is!! I wrote a rather lengthy update on his blog. Don't feel obliged to read it. But, thanks for praying for us and asking all those around you to pray for us, too. It means a great deal. And, we're continuing to pray for ya'll. I have become convinced that purposing to think of, pray for and care for others when we go through these "crunch times" with Judah is really such a huge means of grace to us; it helps us not loose sight of others' sufferings and reminds us that we are not alone.

Love you much.

10:26 PM  
Anonymous jamie said...

good morning emily-
i continue to pray for sleep for you, alivia, and gigi (as i know she is helping out). may you wake up this morning with new strength and grace for today. may the Lord continue to give you wisdom as you care for livi. i love that the Lord even directs us to ask him for wisdom. so keep asking Him. have a wonderful day-jamie

7:54 AM  

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