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Saturday, July 22, 2006


I just wanted to write the thanks that I have piling up on my desk. I keep forgetting and don't to ever leave anyone out.
So here goes.......
Thanks to...
...Amy (and Hannah) K for organizing the backyard pool party at my house (thanks to Tina and Owen L., Kathy, Xander and Bryn B. , April, Samual and Grace S. for joining in the fun) Oh do I love my friends.
...Lynn Boronow for yummy chicken and Christi for the sweet gift. Alivia has been coloring on all the wrong things and she loves it.
...Pauline Williams for the gift cards. Can't wait to eat Olive Garden...mmmm
...Joanne for the sweet card and fun pics from the wedding.
...Marmie for being our ever faithful card/gift sender. We love the duckie, soap and cook book (James will benefit from that part of the gift the most) and I even loved the box it came in (it said believe in miracles and had a little girl on it. How perfect. It is going to be the sticker storage box from now on.
...Cathy Schloemer for the encouraging words and the stickers...can never have to many
...Margot Cole...it is so amazing to me that you are organizing and raising money for us through this half marathon. It is also going to come at such a perfect time. We found out that we will probably be paying for next weeks bone marrow biopsy because they are going to do all the lab work at Johns Hopkins and since they could do it at Hershey but aren't it will be something we need to pay for. And the 4 diamonds fund won't pay for things outside of the hospital (I think thats how it works) I'm going to get all the details Monday but the money will come at the perfect time to pay for this procedure. So thank you again and again. How is the training going?

Better go enjoy the rest of my weekend with my sweet little family.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow you remember everything!!!

seeya sunday!

6:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ilove your friends, also. Mom

6:36 PM  

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