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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


The last few days have been so good. The only thing missing is James!! But we'll see him tomorrow. This is going to be a list of all the blessings/fun times God has bestowed upon us this week....
...sleep for me!! (my mom takes the breakfast shift and lets me sleep an extra 2 hours. I feel like a new women)
...fun times with the fam
...watching Livi swim in her new yellow baby pool that Gigi and Pap bought for her. She loves it and we love her in it.
...dinner with Beth (hasn't happened yet but will be so great)
...not having to go to the doctors this week. They called yesterday and said we needed a break so we get this week off. We still have to get a blood draw and are praying about whether we should drive to Hershey to get it from the port (thats why we got the port) or try for a blood draw in the arm at Heart of Lancaster (we've had good results there in the past). Sort of have to decide which is the lesser of two evils...all that car time and the wasted morning going to Hershey, or a quick (yet painful/scary) trip to Heart. Never thought these would be options I would be thinking over.
...James getting a lot of work done so he won't have to work on the weekend and can spend time with us.
...a fun weekend ahead (saturday with the Spinetti's and Haughery family birthdays on Sunday)

Livi is growing in leaps and bounds it seems. She is so aware of the world around her and seems to know a lot more than I expect her to know. For instance...she is learning sign language from some videos and uses the signs to communicate with us. But I didn't realize how much she had picked up till today. We were sitting on my parents bed listening to my dad play guitar and a bird chirped outside the window. Alivia perked right up and pointed to the window and did the sign for bird. That sign is on the tape she hasnt' watched in a while. But when I asked her what she heard she did it again. So sweet! She is starting to try to say some words like "duck", "fish" and what sounds like "I did it". I'll try to get some new pictures up soon. All in all this a great week.

I wanted to say congratulations to my friends Briana and Lawrence! They are expecting their 3rd child in February. They have twin boys and one have had a large number of health concerns with their one son. I am praying for you each day that this pregnancy is easy and that the baby is perfectly healthy. Love you

Also....to my friend who got news she was not wanting to get yesterday...I love you. I am here for you and I know that somehow this is a part of God's plan just as Alivia being sick is part of his plan. Obviously we don't know why these things are part of his plan but we know that ultimately He will be glorified through them. (not such a comfort in the middle of them I know) Someday you and I will look back and this time and see God's hand in it and be so glad for all we went through. And for now we'll cry together. I love my sweet friend and my heart is crying along with you.

please pray...
..for wisdom on where to get the blood drawn on Friday
..a safe trip tomorrow for my dad, James, Alivia and I (dad's driving us to breezewood to meet James)
..Alivia's pre-molar to come in. She is doing pretty well with it but naps have been hard. thankfully she's had my parents and Aaron to distract her.

Better go...I have a dinner date with Beth!


Blogger The Garners said...

Lots of praises here! Very cool!

Hey, check your email about Thursday night and let me know what you think!


7:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sign language?? Incredible!! That is one smart kid! Cute and smart!!!Great for her!
So glad you had such a refreshing time w/family and that you get a free week from the hospital.
You do seem to make the best out of every situation and enjoy life to its fullest. Nice to read about.
Maryann P.

9:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved the story about the sign language. I wonder if I could get Keaton to do that? I guess the only hand motion he really seems to understand, though, is how to throw a ball!

So glad you are having such a great week. You deserve every bit of it.



4:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what an awesome post! i am so excited that you had a great week! that is sooo cool that she is "talking!!" it is so cute to listen to little kids talk. i am praying for you guy's!

Lots of Love!

6:06 PM  
Anonymous mrs. c said...

dear emily,

thanks for keeping us updated on all things there in your part of the world. sounds like the little chickie gal is getting bigger and you have been enjoying many funtimes with family and friends.

take lots of PHOTOS and post a few to share with us when you get a chance.

love you - praying for you.

8:42 AM  
Anonymous Ang said...

Thinking about you guys today & praying that the blood work results would be great!!

12:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Praying for you guys today!! HOpe all goes well!

Love, Les

1:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Emily,
I hope things are going well.
What a great respite for you to have enjoyed last weekend with the wedding and visiting your family! God is good!
I wish I could have seen you at church but I was still at home recuperating. I wouldn't get too close to you and Livi, but I could have blown you two a kiss! Let's see if I can do it across the internet:
Mmmmm...Whaaaa! There! I just did it...use your imagination!
Maybe you can teach Livi to blow kisses so that folks can get a greeting from her without touching...and do the same in return.
Still praying!

Mary Ann K.

3:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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