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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


For some unknown but wonderful reason Alivia was in the greatest mood of all time today. This morning my parents babysat for me so I could spend time with my sweet friend (by the way it was lovely and I enjoyed every moment).Livi (and my parents) did a great job taking her hydroxeuria (look I've forgotten how to spell it and will be spelling it wrong till I take the time to look it up again) Even though the time was great and conversation much needed I was so excited to see my girls smiling face when I walked in the door. And I got the smile I was hoping for. Darn she's cute.

She took an okay nap and woke up pretty happy. Then this evening while James was at men's bible study (better knows as care group) Alivia, Grandpa (my dad) and I headed out to Costco. Have I mentioned I love Costco. Not sure why but there is something so thrilling about all that bulk that makes me so happy. You never know what great deal you might stumble across...like a million rolls of TP for 2 dollars (okay not really but thats how it feels). We went with the goal of buying a train table for Livi for Christmas but found something even better. I'm going to wait to reveal what it is. But I'm excited. We got some gas for the ride home and while I was pumping it Alivia was laughing so hard at me. Obviously my dad and I were loving that. We got home and Alivia played for a while and practiced standing on her own.

So tomorrow we head for the docs again. Hopefully just for a blood draw. Poor girl..her port is all black and blue from the other day. It doesnt' seem to bother her but I'm not sure how getting it accessed is going to feel. We'll have to numb it up really good and pray for the best. If the numbers look good we'll be heading to Indiana. Pray hard to good numbers. I just want to see my brothers.

Please pray for the doc visit tomorrow....actually pray we dont' have to see the doc. if we have to see him that means something is wrong. and as always pray for complete healing. Thanks

Thanks to...Diana Bennett for the card to the nurses and to Vivian H. for the great dinner. It had something for everyone. Thanks for the card from Rose Tripode, Jill Piper and Rachel K (I laughed out loud...Love you so much)

Also a big huge thanks to my parents for watching Livi (which they will way was their pleasure...but I'm still thankful.

For any and everyone who missed the chance to write notes I am soon going to start collecting a new thing. So start looking for details...sometime this weekend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tha sounds like a FANTASTIC day!!! I will be praying for your doctors visit today. I hope you will be able to go to Indiana and see your brothers. I am praying for livi everyday. Have a great day in the Lord

Sending prayers you way,

9:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can just imagine that adorable smile when you walked in the door. How happy we all are when she is happy! And how fun that she was practicing standing alone!!!

I am praying that all goes well today and you get to go see Andrew. I know that he really wants to see you. Bless him! What a kind brother and uncle he is. And Aaron....what a fun/funny brother and uncle! I don't know.....this who's the favorite uncle race is pretty tight!

Much love to you all,

10:56 AM  
Blogger Bill Haughery said...

I'll take Hilarious... Thanks for sharing your joy Emily!


1:35 PM  

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