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Thursday, September 07, 2006


Today's doc visit was neither good or bad. I didn't cry at all so I guess that is a good sign. Here is the bad news...her WBC's went up to 65.9. Here is the good news...her RBC and Plateletes also went up. So no need for a transfusion. Oh and she gained over a pound since last week. Crazy. Some of that is probably from her stomach getting bigger again but also it is good that she is growing. We ended up seeing the doc even though we were only supposed to get counts done but I think that was more because she has a cold or maybe a sinus infection. He gave us a prescription and we were out of there by 1:30. Never got out that early before. It was nice to head home. I didn't really talk to our doc about transplant but was able to ask some of the nurses about what to expect (if we do it). It will mean at least4-5 weeks in the hospital and that is without complications. The main dangers are infection, graft vs. donor rejection and donor vs. graft. All are really serious and scary. But at the same time it could mean she would get completely better. We are still praying for a big huge miracle.

The highlight of today was giving out the gift bags and thank you notes to the nurses. It was so much fun. They were all deeply touched and thanked us over and over. I am so glad we got to do that. Thanks so much for participating (those of you who did) it ment so much and brought tears to everyone's eyes. It pales in comparision to the work they do on Alivia's behalf. One nurse said she was going to read one at breakfast each morning to get herself started for the day. Isn't that great...for the next 50 days she will get to start each day with a thank you from someone. I love it.

I want to say a special thanks to Karen Linn for writing thank you notes. Karen and I went to high school together and never really knew each other but my mom has worked for her dad for years and years. Well earlier this summer Karen's husband Joe was diagnosed with high-grade/high-risk AML. He is undergoing chemo and they are looking for someone who matches for a bone marrow transplant. Thanks Karen for taking the time to write when you are dealing with your own medical issues.

Thanks to Marmie for the sweet card. Love you tons.

Please pray for complete healing (as always), good results from the bone marrow, wisdom for our doc and the specialist from Hopkins who will be reviewing her marrow, for me to be able to get all the info I need together so we can go see the specialist at Hopkins and for some sleep. Alivia's belly is really big again and it is making sleep hard for her...and thus hard for me.


Blogger All the Millens said...

I thought of you so many times today - having fun with your baskets. Thanks for the detailed update. Give Livi a hug from us.

2 Thess 3:16 Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in every way.


5:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me add my thanks to all of you who wrote notes to the nurses. It was sooo touching to them. We were so happy to bless them. They give soooo much! With so little reward (they don't even seem to be looking for a reward!) They are a very unique group of people. They couldn't believe that Emily did this. It was great. :-) How proud I am of my daughter-in-law who loves to bless other people in the midst of her darkest trial. What an amazing memory that will be.
And Alivia was such a big girl today. She is so sweet. What a trooper! I want to know her as a woman. And did we tell you how very smart she is?!

5:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Emily for letting us be part of blessing someone who serves Livi and you so well. What a small thing to do...but meaning so much. Well, we are still waiting for a diagnosis, a healing, and for whatever mercies the Lord decides to shower us with. I will accept today's mercies with thankfulness. Cynthia, you are a trooper too. Thank you for being the best mom to James and a great mom to Emily and a great Noni (SP#!%?) to Livi. We all couldn't do it without you. I feel so good knowing you have been with them through all this. Whoops, I am breaking the blogging rules again, no swearing, just blogging to other bloggers. Note to Emily: sorry to be "putzing" on your blog. Love, MOM

7:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Praying with you for Livi's healing. Glad to know that the nurses were blessed. I am sure much encouragement is needed in that job. Wonderful idea from you!!!

HOpe you rest well. Will pray for sleep and a comfy position for litte Liv!

Love, Les

7:31 PM  
Blogger Briana Almengor said...


We'd love to host you and/or help you out in any way we can if/when you make the trip to Hopkins. Please keep us in mind. And, I'd love to chat with you anytime you are up for talking.

love you much, friend, and praying daily!

10:34 PM  
Anonymous jamie said...

i am thankful that you headed home early from the appointment and that the nurses were excited and blessed with the cards. you are an example how to serve others! what joy to give to those who have helped ALivia. praying for healing! love you-jamie

7:51 AM  
Anonymous tina said...

great job blessing the nurses emily...how fun that must've been. praying for you guys. xoxo

2:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will be praying for you guys! I am so glad I could help touch those nurses. It is amazing what a thank you note can do. I am praying for that miracle for livi.


10:47 PM  
Blogger beth said...

i love you, james & alivia so very much.
i am praying for you when i wake up, when i go to sleep and throughout each day.
i've been thinking about Is. 41:10...
"fear not, for I am with you;
be not dismayed, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."


11:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am one of the nurses fortunate enough to have the opportunity to care for Alivia and her family. I would like to thank Emily and all the family and friends that contributed to the tremendous and personalized bag of cards and gifts that was presented to me (I love the clips for my Emily:)! ). Such an outpouring of appreciation from people that do not know me and I will likely never meet truly touched my heart. Not to mention in the midst of caring for and worrying about her sweet little Livi, that Emily would have the time and thought to put something like this together. We were truly amazed and felt so touched and appreciated that she would think of us this way. People often say they do not know how I do my job everyday. It is families like this one that makes my job so completely worth doing each and every day. I feel truly blessed and honored to be able to touch and care for this family and do what I can for sweet Livi - even if the best part of the day is the sticker I always try and remember to give her and try to get one of those sweet little smiles in return.

My deepest thanks to all of you. Blessings to Alivia, Emily, James and all those that love and are praying for them.


9:41 PM  

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