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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Been a few days

We have had a very nice week so far. Livi has been back to normal..no fevers, no teeth that I know of. Monday was a rough day but I think it was because there was no one else to entertain her but me. She's had almsot constant attention for a week and a half. Time with just mommy was a little boring for her. But by tuesday she was adjusted. We spent Tuesday with my good friend Ang. I love time with Ang and wish it was everyday. We also got a great suprise when we ran into Tina and Owen and they joined us for lunch. So great (and so normal). Livi and Owen had a good time sitting by each other at lunch...although Livi kept teasing Owen with her cookies. She must have a little crush. Then today we went out with Sonya. We painted some pottery (Mom your cup is going to be ready next week!! don't break this one...ha ha) and then Sonya brought her new puppy to our house. Livi wasn't so sure at first...he had a lot of energy but once she got used to it she loved it. Thanks for the fun Charlie Brown. This whole week we have spent our evenings with Erin. I love having her around. And its been super nice cause James has been working late (till 2am on Monday and 9 on Tuesday). I'm trying to show her the sights of Lancaster and I really hope she falls in love with it. Sorry Indiana folks...I'm trying to keep her here.

Tomorrow is our appointment. I can say I'm not totally nervous. Maybe because I've stayed busy and not thought about it. But she hasn't had more patecia and her coloring is good. So maybe tomorrow will be great. That's what I'm praying for.

Just a reminder I need all thank you notes ASAP! Even if we have never meet, you have never commented or I don't even know you are writing please please please do this. If you send it before Friday it will be her in plenty of tie.

Thanks to..
..Marmie for the card to Alivia
and thank you notes from Audrey Drago, Briana (and the lotions for the nurses), Beth Altrogge, Amanda Kim (and the sweet book for Alivia), and Leslie Malito (and the Starbucks gift certificates for the nurses, the pink elephant and stickers for Alivia...by the way I tried to call you and the number I have didn't work...please call me soon I would love to talk to you.)

Pray for tomorrow. Thanks


Blogger The Garners said...

A few things...
1) We'll be praying for tomorrow! Can't wait to hear how you make out. We're leaving for vacation on Friday and we'll miss getting the Livi updates.

2) Jill Wilson gave me thank you notes tonight and I gave them to Cynthia to give to you. How sweet!

3) Jude is jealous about Livi and Owen. That little Lapp boy better beware! Jude thinks he's after his little princess! HA HA!

12:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad you have had a "normal" week. Which has meant not wondering should we drive back to Lancaster from Indiana, due to any number of what could be "common" childhood illnesses. I am so glad for you to have Erin's company...she is a total sweetheart! We have (there are so many of us) all praying with hope and perservance for a good report today...may our faithful God demonstrate to all of us His amazing care, love and mercy. Lord, we don't deserve it (however, I am predjudiced and believe Livi does, and okay, I want it for Emily/James too)...but our Savior died for her to be healed...surprise us with your goodness today! Hey, this turned into a prayer, huh. So all of you readers just say Amen! Gigi

10:34 AM  
Anonymous Maryann Plesnicher said...


10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Praise God. No more fevers! I am glad you have been able to spend time with your friends! I am praying for you guys. I pray her appointment went well.


3:35 PM  

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