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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Last night and other things

I had the best time last night. I got to have a girls night with Sonya, Denise, Rachel, Erin and Hollis. Ladies I haven't had that much fun since the last time we went out. I love spending time with all of you guys. Thanks.

Rachel and I had a conversation about the bone marrow drive fund raisers. So far we aren't doing too hot. All the bracelets that have been bought so far have just payed us back for buying them originally. And there haven't been any corporate sponsors yet. The bone marrow registry won't allow us to start to advertise for the drive until we have enough money in the account to pay for the number of people we hope to test. So if you work for someone, own a company or know of a company that would like to sponsor and get a tax write-off then please, please, please click here and e-mail Rachel for a copy of the letter. If anyone is super blog savy and knows how to post a document so that it can be downloaded from the blog also go and e-mail Rachel. Its pretty confusing and would make life easier if it could just be downloaded. We really need to get all those fund together in the next week. We're not asking for personal donations...just corporate right now. But we definelty need everyone's help to find companies to donate.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad last night was fun...hope "Signing TIme" is fun for Livi tomorrow. Love, Mom

7:05 PM  
Anonymous Julie said...

I have just two questions...

1) Was Culture Club represented?

2) Were Sonya & Hollis prepared to do their best Johnny Cash?

Really...is there anything more important than these two things?

So sorry I missed it!!!

10:42 PM  

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