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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Another Day

This week is most definitely not going as planned. After yesterdays turnpike debacle one would think that things would go up from there right?! Well apparently not. This morning James went out to his truck to leave for work and the battery was dead (he left his much loved satellite radio on all weekend...Oops) . So he took my car for the day meaning we still don't have much food in the house since today was grocery day. But we had leftovers so that worked out. Then this evening he talked to his brother Matt who has jumper cables (ours are MIA since James is in the process of moving all of his work stuff to his new shop). James went out to drive to Matt's (in my car) and my car won't start either. Luckily Matt said that he would bring the cables here. They got James' car started and figured out it was my starter (thank God this didn't happen on the turnpike yesterday) and were able to get it started and drove it to the shop that we use. So looks like tomorrow is another at home day for me.....maybe Wednesday will be uneventful. Then again maybe not.


Anonymous Beth said...

Thanks for sharing your life with me! I've had many days like the ones you are describing. Just this past monday I found Norah had artfully decorated herself and most of Emma's room with red marker. Just an hour later she found scissors and altered her sweater with a nice hole. Future fashion designer? The Lord has taught me patience, humor, and how much He overlooks a lot of what I do as well :)

10:26 AM  

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