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Monday, March 27, 2006

Last week

The big birthday has come and gone. It was a great time. The party went really well. Thanks to everyone who came. We loved having you. There were 27 adults, 8 kids who could run around and 5 babies. Here's the break down....
4 grandparents
5 uncles
1 aunt
2 cousins
2 bridesmaids from my wedding
1 jr. bridesmaid
2 kids I used to nanny
27 great friends who were willing to come to our house for a 1st birthday.
All in all a great time. I feel like I didn't talk to anyone but talked to everyone. And it went so very very fast. I love having parties.

On Sunday (the day after the big sha-bang) Livi and I packed up and went home with my parents for the week. It was a fast and good week. Time seems to be flying by the older I get. Some of the highlights of the Indiana week were...

Day trip to Greensburg
Time with Beth
Andy's visit
Playdate with Amanda and Benjamin
visiting Dad's office
Special dinners
and the week ended with a big birthday party for Alivia and my Dad (Pap-pap). My grandmother (Marmie), Uncle Pete, Aunt Maria and Aunt Lisa all came for the day. It was nice to get to see everyone. Alivia (as always) took a while to warm up to the "strangers". But she loved Lisa, especially, by the end. We got a chocolate fountain for the day. Everyone had fun dipping anything and everything in it. Isn't food so much better dipped in chocolate. Of course someone (James) feed some to Alivia when I wasn't in the room. She did okay with it. I mean she loved it and didn't get sick or anything. Anther chocolate lover in the making.

Well happy Monday. I need to finish unpacking and sorting clothes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I finally found it.....i was going to aliviahaughery.blogspot.com which is an old one that we did. anyway i like your blog....it looks cool and is fun to get caught up on your days when i am gone...now i don't need to ask how your day went ( just kidding) love you!

5:08 PM  

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