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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

2 weeks

Exactly 2 weeks from today my baby girl turns 1!! What happened to a year? It went by at light speed and I can't even believe she will be 1. Amazing. I remember when a year took forever. The older I get the faster it goes.

So I've decided since she is almost 1 I'm going to take the next 2 weeks and share memories that I love from this last year. On the surface not all appear great but they are all moments I treasure. I'm going to start at the very beginning but then I'll probably jump around.

As most of you know James and I had a hard time getting pregnant (because of me). It took a very long time and we finally ended up going to a great specialist named Dr. Filer. The first month that we went to him we did IUI (not going into details). Then we went to the beach with my family. We knew we had a blood test to see if we were pregnant looming so the beach was a mixture of fun with the fam and fear of the results. One night at the beach I woke up with severe cramps and freaked out. I woke up my mom and we cried because I thought there was no way I was pregnant and I was getting my period. The rest of the vacation wasn't so fun although my period never arrived. When we got home I drove to York to get a blood test and waited for the phone call. I was expecting not to be pregnant. Around 11 the nurse called with my results and said "well your results were positive". I was shocked. I said "wait... say that again" and she did and then I said "what does that mean?" and she said "you're pregnant". I mumbled "I think I'm crying" and she said "that's okay go ahead." Then she said "congratulations." I just hung up the phone and sat there crying, shocked and shaking. I have never been so happy in my life. This was something I had wanted so badly. Not just since I got married but my whole life I wanted to be a mom.

James knew that the phone call was coming at some point and we had talked about how we were going to have to deal with not being pregnant so when I called him he timidly answered the phone. He could tell I was crying right away. All I could say was "Hi daddy!" He just kept saying "are you serious?"

After James I called my mom. ("Hi Grandma") and my dad ("Hi Grandpa") then we started planning how we would tell James family (since we got to do it in person). That evening after James got home we went over to his parents house, but they weren't home. So we told John, Chris and Will. Then we just hung out. We tried to act casual when his parents got home but you could tell they were waiting to hear. Then James told them. Everyone one screamed. It was one of the most fun days I've ever had.

God has blessed us so richly. We have a home, a great marriage and a sweet baby. I am so undeserving.

By the way, Livi is feeling better. Thanks to everyone who prayed for her the last few days. She is getting back to her happy self again.


Blogger beth said...

so beautiful... God is amazingly wonderful!

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