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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

At home

Obviously I am a very slow learner. Again with the expectations. I though...it will be a little rough being home but she'll be so glad to be out of the hospital that she will just fall asleep peacefully...maybe be up a few extra times but in general finally get some sleep. Silly me.

James is currently walking her around the first floor of our house. Looks like she and I will be sleeping down here tonight. She definetly doesn't want to be in her bed, especailly since her port is still accessed and she can't lay on her chest (how she usually sleeps) they actually told me that she could lay on it but there is no way Alivia would even think of doing that. I think it must be pretty sore since we won't even lay down with her head on my shoulder..which is the way she usually falls asleep. It will be so nice to have to access out tomorrow.

Funny how domestic things continue even though I felt like life had stopped. I came home and did the laundry from our hospital stay, there were a few loads of laundry to put away, Livi had a poop blow out on the living room carpet that had to be cleaned, the dishes are piled up in the sink...time for a dishwasher I think. James blessed me by taking her for a walk and letting me sleep for about an hour and a half. Hopefully I'll have enough strength to get through tonight. Never thought I'd miss anything from the hospital...but the one chair in our room would be really helpful to have at home. Next time we'll have to see if we can fit it in our suitcase when we leave...just kidding.

Thanks to...
...Kathy Booker for being my domestic goddess and making us an amazing dinner that we just had to warm up. I might have had a nervous breakdown if I had to cook dinner. Or we would have been eating something that didn't make any sense like eggs and carrots. Regardless you saved me from some more stress. Love you.
...My James for being the best dad and husband I could dream of. You take care of Alivia and I so well and put aside your own desires and comfort to make my life a little easier. I love you love you love you.
...to the nurses for doing such a great job (again!!) every single time they are the bright spot in our hospital stay. they make the whole experience almost bearable (nothing will ever make it completely bearable).

Sometime soon I'll write the top 10 ridiculous (things that make you say...WHAT?) things said by hospital staff to us. Some of them just make me laugh so hard.

Pray for...
...some sleep. We sure could use more than a little but will settle for anything at this point.
...a super quick visit tomorrow
...that Alivia's chest won't be sore after the access is removed.
...lower WBC count.

Gotta go...Alivia is really fussy and we have to figure out how to get her to sleep!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Praying for sleep for all of you! Wish I could come help with the housework, but Jeff hasn't fixed that dern wagon wheel yet!!!
Someone taught me a little equation a while ago E/R=D. Expectations over reality equals depression!!! But, I don't remember the equation for not having expectations......Oh, wait...I don't think that is possible as human being!
Love you much!


10:10 PM  
Blogger beth said...

praying for you... i pray for sleep. and everything else. love you,

10:14 PM  
Blogger Bethany said...

Hey emily, I have been reading your updates on and off from work (at Allegheny General on the cancer floor) and just wanted to let you know how much of an example you are to me. To see that with everything going on, you are still trusting in God (even though it's hard), and running the race he has given you with hope. I have been around families that lose hope so quickly, and it is amazing to see how even though things may have not gone as planned, you hold on to the truth. I will continue to pray for your family and i stand in faith with you to see a miracle...remember, God can do all things!

Love, Bethany Snyder

2:05 AM  

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