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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fun days

Yesterday and today were both fun days for us. My parents were here and after living through Tuesday we all needed some fun. Yesterday we went to the mall (cause it was way way to hot to be outside) and visited the toy stores, Disney store and all other stores that might be fun for a baby girl who had just been through...lets call it a bad day. And of course Livi having fun means we're having fun. We went out to lunch and came home for a great nap. Then we cleaned out the fridge for dinner and hit Cold Stone for some much needed ice cream (Livi was the only one who "needed" it..the rest of us just wanted it and probably didn't need it at all.)

Today we went swimming at April's parents house again (thanks so much!!!). All the kids (Eden, Aksel, Jude, Samual, Grace and Alivia) loved it. And we the adults (Leslie, Julie, April, Mom, Dad and I) did a great job keeping everyone mostly above water. Alivia couldn't love swimming more. She wants to be in the water at all times (even during lunch). We have a great blow-up raft that she sits down in. It's the best cause its pretty much impossible to tip and she can't get out of it. She even shared (with some a bit of convincing from me). After lunch (thanks for sharing the food girls!) she just wanted to be in the water without the raft thingy. So my parents and I took turns swimming her around. She loved it. She was laughing and trying to dunk her face in the water (not the best idea!). I definetly vote Pap and Gigi get a pool.

Thanks to Julie and my Dad for writing thank you notes.

Here is the count so far
Holly- 2
Lois- 2
Cindy- 2
Chris- 1
Carol- 1
Joanne- 1
Denise- 2
Total- 13


Blogger beth said...

:) wonderful

what a cute swimming baby

yes Dave and Gretchen I vote too you get a pool.

and that's so great about the cards.
mine will be in the mail tomorrow.

love you and am praying and am glad you had a good day.


1:22 AM  
Blogger The Garners said...

It was so much fun!!! Thanks, Livi, for sharing your raft (which I have named the SS Livi Cruise Ship) with little Jude. He loved it!

Great being with you, Em. And, if your parents get a pool, I for one would be willing to make the drive out there to do some swimming! (get the pool, Dave & Gretchen)

Love ya!

9:55 AM  

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