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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

New trick

Well Alivia has been doing something new. She has only been getting up once or maybe twice a night. Sounds like a good deal right...well last night the first time she got up lasted 2 hours and the second lasted almost a hour. I would go back to the 8 to 10 times a night in a second. At least then it was a quick bottle or just a hug and she was fine. I feel a bit out of it today. Naps have been just as bad the last few days also. Yesterday it took over an hour of walking her to get her to sleep and today it took an hour. Crying it out doesn't work either. For one she just gets more and more upset until she gags herself and second she's sick and I just feel way to bad to let her cry. It makes me nervous. So everyone can add to their list getting to sleep. Staying asleep, getting to sleep, sleep in general.

Tomorrow we have immunizations. They are so important now. I mean they were important before but now with the way that her immune system will be after the transplant they are even more important. As is the flu shot. Please pray that she doesn't have any reactions to the shots.

My parents arrive tomorrow night and Friday AM Andrew (my brother) flies in and my other brother Aaron drives here. So excited to have the Allen clan together. They will be such a help with the bone marrow drive Sunday. Don't forget to spread the word.

I have so many amazing stories of peoples generosity in helping to raise funds for the drive. I will share them tomorrow.


Blogger linda anne said...

Thanks em!! praying for ya right now... praying you and livi get much needed sleep... and james of course. bless his heart. -linda

11:05 PM  
Anonymous Jude's Mom said...

How fun that your brothers will be here! I can't tell you enough what a good time we had on Monday night. And tonight we told our whole care group that they need to stop at the bone marrow drive on their way home from church. I tried to be very urgent and compelling...I hope they come! We will be there for sure.

Praying for sleep for you, Emily!

Love you all!

11:06 PM  
Blogger beth said...

I'll continue to pray emily... everyday.
I'm so glad your family will be out there.
love you,

Some Spurgeon for you:

"The rest that the Holy Spirit gives under the worst conditions is wonderful...When you trust in God you have sweet rest in danger or pain...if we are in God's hands we are where all things rest. We are home and we are happy..."

11:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good night, for now, sweet Haughery's. I will pray for that elusive good sleep. Love, Mom

11:29 PM  
Anonymous Maryann Plesnicher said...

Hi Emily,
I just wanted to tell you that the bracelets work. I told my husband that everytime I look down and see it, it reminds me to pray more often for Alivia. So..he put one on too!!! I would like 8 more blue to hand out to family/friends that I know will pray. I put a check in todays mail.
In prayer,

10:08 AM  
Anonymous tina said...

i'm amazed at how you seem to function so well on so little or such interrupted sleep. praying for you all today. xoxo

11:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Emily:

I will be sending out a check with my second order. There were several ladies in my bible study that gave a donation of $5 or $10 without buying a bracelet. I will right down how much money is just for flat donations (vs. bracelets) out of the check I send you.


1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Emily, you are an amazing woman. The bracelets were a great idea! Every time I am aware of mine I remember to pray for all of you and others too! Luke and I prayed today that Alivia will sleep long tonight and that you can get a good night's rest too. I'm sure your mom and dad can help a little with the lack of sleep episodes. (Hi Gretchen!) Love and Prayers, Joni Cairns

4:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad your Mom is coming: she certainly understands babies that won't sleep. I remember way back when Aaron was a baby... (sorry Aaron)
Anyway this has really made me think about sleeping lately. Livi not sleeping enough, Ian sleeping too much, and, even though I get plenty of sleep, some days my MS makes me so tired I feel like I can hardly drag myself one more step. I found this verse when I was praying for Ian and I have been really holding on to it for us three. Psalm 3:5 -
I lie down and sleep (for Livi)
I wake again (for Ian)
Because the Lord sustains me
(for me)
xoxoxoxo Patty Wallwork

6:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know more ways to pray. We prayed at West Point on Wed. with our praise group and last night with our Bible study for Alivia and you and James. Aunt Cheryl

2:25 PM  

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