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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snow-y Day

So the snow storm actually hit. We were laughing about it yesterday because everytime the weathermen predict snow they are wrong. But for one the rumored snow came. We had some good friends over last night for wine and cheese (cause we're fancy...) and while there were here the snow started and didn't stop till this morning at 9. Church was even cancelled. So we had a wonderful lounging day at home with just the three of us. Livi got her first real view of snow and made a decision...she hates snow. Okay so it might have been the snow hat and snow suit that made it impossible for her to move. But we voted it was the snow. What she does love though is spending a whole day with mommy AND daddy. I love being home bound if James is here too. And snow is really pretty (before everyone starts driving on it and plowing it). All in all a great start to our week. Hope your week is looking good too.

oh yea...Is anyone else obsessed with the Olympics? I am decidedly not a huge sports fan. I will watch football (especially if its the Steelers...or Pitt) but other than that I would rather take a nap or even clean. But the Olympics start and I'm glued to it. I would watch it all day and night if it wouldn't affect my family. Good thing it only come every few years.


Blogger Briana Almengor said...

Hey girl! We were loving being "snow bound", too, except for the part when Lawrence had to go shovel. Thankfully, it didn't take him that long.
The boys lasted about 10 minutes, enough for me to get some amusing photos of them and then head back inside where it took twice as long to get them out of their suits as the time we actually spent outside.
I'm not glued to the Olympics, only b/c I can't be. When given those few free moments in the evening, I have been wanting to watch it as long as Lawrence will let me. For me, it takes me back to my childhood..probably the only time I was allowed to watch such a sustained amount of TV. So, it still feels like someone's treating me to something special even as an adult!

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