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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Worst Mom Award

Today started off with a bang. Alivia woke up early (6:40) and I thought I'll let her fuss and see if she goes back to sleep...15 min later no such luck. So I go in to get her and I can tell that if I give her a bottle she'll go back to sleep for a bit. Well I reach to get her and she lifts her head at the same time and I jammed my fingernail into her head! Poor Baby!!! Of course she starts to scream and cry and I feel terrible and I quickly pick her up and realize she's soaked and that's why she's awake and now I'm soaked too and I feel even worse. So I change her (still crying) and take her into my room and she only drinks about 1 oz and is completely awake. Nothing like a jarring head shot to wake you up in the morning. Tuesday is not going so well.

Oh..and I haven't showered in quite a while. I think I'll go do that now. At least I'll be clean and tired instead of dirty and tired.


Blogger Briana Almengor said...

If it's any consoloation, I knock my boys over on their little hineys at least once a day. And, I've let them cry it out only to go in and find that they were laying in their own throw up...how's that for bad momma? I've got other bad momma stories, but I'm sure you're feeling a lot better about yourself after just those two!

9:42 AM  
Anonymous Beth said...

Em, I still laugh at how my belly while prego with Norah used to hit Emma in the head all the time! Like Bri said, I have been known to knock those children over quite a few times - accidentally of course! I've forgotten to strap them in seatbelts occasionally, and one day was so crazy I put Norah to sleep with no lunch - the morning just was nuts, and I forgot! You seem so natural at the momma thing ~ hang in there with the teething. It can get hairy!

1:16 PM  

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