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Friday, April 28, 2006

It's friday and who doesn't love a good friday. Its the last day of the work week which means time with my hubby (which I take very seriously....fun should always be taken seriously). My parents gave me a chance to go to the mall with my great friend April. She is the mother of the cutest twins, Samual and Grace. We both had a great time but also kept saying how weird it was being without kids for a few hours. Last time we went to the mall was a bit crazier because April had the double wide stroller, Leslie had the one in front one in back stroller and I had Livi's stroller. We were a sight. And left a wake of clothing in our path...they have small but really quick hands. Anything they could reach they did and it was left in our wake. We had a really nice time today. We missed our kids but enjoyed uninterrupted conversation and unhurried purchase decisions.

We live is "the land of the midnight sun" (as my mom is calling it). The spotlights are even closer to the house tonight. My mom thinks it might be in her bedroom tonight (that is why they are leaving tomorrow according to my dad). We are going to some garage sales in the AM. If you know my parents you know this is their all time favorite Saturday AM activity. In fact my dad is venturing out early to 3 sales that listed records as something they are selling. (if you know my dad....records are it)
And then we all are all going to hit a few closer to home. I am getting to love garage sales. I just do them a bit different than my parents. I am a once over kind of girl. If nothing catches my eye in the first 5 min then I'm done. My mom (and dad) are a bit more thorough. James will be our peacemaker (as always).

Alivia did wonderfully today. She even slept well last night. She must have known that the day before as an important one and was excited. Hopefully we're back on track. The medicine is helping too I think. She is doing more and more cute things each day. Her newest is slapping Pap-pap hi-five...see Uncle Aaron we're working on it.

Thanks for today....cards for Alivia from Sara Rankin, Aunt Kathy (and Rick), Anita and Bill Kennelly (and thoughtful gift)Rachel, and Lynn Mckee (thanks also for the Walmart G.C....it will be fun to spend)
Cards to the nurses from Rachel and Sara Rankin...keep them coming


Anonymous JohnnY J said...


Don't get Livi a ball at Wal*Mart because some uncle might have already gotten her one. (I'm not going to say who it is.)

I'm glad to hear she is sleeping more. I hope you and James had a good time on Friday after a long week. I stopped by at about 3:30pm today but nobody answered the door.


10:27 PM  
Blogger Briana Almengor said...

Hey girl,
I beg to differ on the cutest twins ever comment! :) I think mine are in the running for sure.

I loved hearing about Allen family time. How I miss those days, yardsaling w/ your folks. :) Your parents taught me everything I know about good yardsaling!!

Have fun tomorrow morning; think of me when you're "nickel and diming" them, Gretch!

11:05 PM  
Blogger beth said...

i really should be sleeping...but i just wanted to say i love you and am glad to hear the update... am praying for you-

1:52 AM  

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