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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

uhhhh...hair cute

You heard me. I said hair cute. My cut feels cute. I loved catching up with Darcy and being a normal girl for a bit. We had a nice time.

I'm pretty nervous about tomorrow but also optimistic. She is doing so well (outwardly) and he did say that we wouldn't be admitted unless she was showing "signs of distress" (don't know if that is positive or not) but she is not showing any signs. So hopefully we won't have to stay. But the numbers are still an issue. Please pray that the white cells go down and the red and platelets go up. That would be amazing and an answer to prayer.

Thanks for today...

Cards from Marmie (you are the sweetest), Melanie and Bob Klingensmith, Christian and Murial Brigouleux and Grace United Methodist Church Bible Study (Kathy Woods)
A great pink blankie from Aunt Kathy, and a card from Victor and Mei Lan (my mom's boss and his wife)
Also thanks to Andy Knutsen for mowing our grass and Christine Lewis from a great dinner (very yummy)

Hopefully we'll be blogging from home tomorrow night also.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are in our prayers this am!

Love, Les

10:37 AM  
Anonymous mrs. c said...

dear emily,

morning cute hair cut chickie gal.
how about a PHOTO of you with your new do.

love ya, mrs. c

11:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i pray that you are able to come back home and are not re-admitted to the hospital. your family is in my prayers. i pray alivia will heal completely and that you and james and your other family will be comforted through this time. God bless!

Moriah Freeman

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

heya! cant wait to see the new cut! I hope you enjoyed getting it cut, i enjoy getting my hair done. i hope you are not admitted back into the hospital. i pray for comfort for you James and all your family.

Thanks for all the updates! God bless you.

Christi Boronow

12:06 PM  

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