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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Who spent the day with us

Uncle Will, Uncle Chris, Uncle John and Nan enjoying some birthday cake. We all got to eat in the room because we found a cake that was completely sealed and got it approved by the docs.

Pa, Dora and James (Da)

Our nurse for the day Manda (notice Livi is leaning her head into the picture. She is such a ham). Livi can now say Manda and really likes having her in and out of our room all day (we like it too). She can now say two nurses names (Brooke and Manda) wonder how many she will be able to say by the end.)

Notice someone missing? Gigi got is sick AGAIN!! Poor Gigi. She missed the birthday and we missed her. She got the stomach flu this time. We think there must be a sign on her that only germs can see. Maybe she is just catching all the germs and diverting them away from Livi and I. Thanks for being our germ catcher Gigi...get better soon.


Blogger Joe.Karen said...

oh no! hurry up and get better gigi! you are the best for making sure that emily and alivia stay healthy, but you should be healthy too. the stomach flu is no fun. get well soon!!!!!!

4:01 PM  

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