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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

After Monday

Things have most definelty gone uphill since Monday (how could they not?). Yesterday was spent with our sweet friends (April, Samual, Grace, Leslie, Eden and Aksel) eating lunch family style (big Lancaster county favorite) for my first time. Lots of laughs. Not sure I'll be doing it again anytime soon but an experience all who come to or live in Lancaster county must have. I found it bizare. I definetly don't understand why people love it some much, I like going out to dinner so I don't have to have just one thing and pass around big dishes. But to each his own. After, we went to the playground behind the resteraunt and visited the horses, goats and sheep. All the kids loved it and wanted to help feed them (I had some corn in the car from feeding the ducks). That evening James and I decided to use a gift certificate for dinner and so we headed to Bob Evans. Alivia wasn't in the best mood (teeth still) but she did pretty good and since we were close to the family style resteraunt I wanted James to see how much Alivia loved feeding the animals. Didn't go as planned to say the least. We got there and there were a lot of other people there. Then we went to see the sheep and realized one was injured and bleeding (the vet showed up shortly after we did) so that ruled out feeding the sheep and the goats are in the same pen so they were out too. Then we headed to feed the horses. All was going well until the biggest horse sneezed right on Livi and I. She freaked. I must say it was rather gross. We got her calmed down and left quickly to have ice cream and redeem the evening. Got to the ice cream place and realized they only took cash so we had to walk to a near by gas station and get some money. Regardless we had a good evening being together and James and I had a good laugh at the mishaps.

Today we decided last minute to go to April's house and see "the kids" (as we call Samual and Grace). I was running around getting things done and decided to put Alivia down in the dining room. She was standing holding onto one of the dining room chairs. I thought she would just stay put (like usual) but she managed to push the chair into our mudroom. I had stepped out of the room when I heard a huge crash...then crying. I ran into the room and realized she had pulled over a shelving unit in the mudroom! Thankfully she was completely unharmed...amazing since there was something glass on each shelf! So I calmed the crying, cleaned up all the glass and we got in the car. We arrived at April's and Alivia managed to fall twice in the yard before we even went inside. She is becoming much more brave (yea!) and trying to sit without help. We get inside and she was excitedly walking around their little table when she fell (AGAIN) and this time put her tooth through her lip. Lots of tears later she recovered and enjoyed the rest of the time with the kids. I was very scared when she cut her lip because of the unknown platelete level. Thankfully it clotted really well and besides a small cut you can't even tell. After a great time we headed home. Alivia feel asleep and my friend Ang stopped by. I loved our time together Ang...thanks for the help redecorating! This evening we went met my parents at a hotel and went swimming. They just came straight from the road to the pool. I'm so glad they are here and that they got to have a fun evening with us before spending the day in the hospital tomorrow.

I tend to ramble when I'm nervous and I am extremely nervous about tomorrow. I have had some sleepless nights this week. The other day I told James it almost feels like it would have been better to just be hit with the news of AML right off the bat. At least then you are able to enjoy your life up until that point. As it is now we are anticipating something that might not even happen. We have no idea what to expect tomorrow and that is so hard. I don't know what to prepare for. Not that there is anyway to prepare for this whole thing. So I have packed to go to my parents and I am praying and hopeing for that. All day long I just repeat over and over "God please heal my baby". Its not eloquant or deep but it is the desire of my heart and I am laying at His feet (over and over again). I'm desperately praying that the next time I update will be from my parents computer and not from the computer on the 7th floor of Hershey Medical Center

Pray for us tomorrow. pray that Alivia's counts are good (low WBC, increase plateletes and RBC).

Someone asked me to re-post the normal ranges from all the blood cells so here goes.
RBC (4.0-5.8)
Hgb (11-14) and Hct (32-44)
Plateletes (140-340)
WBC (6.0-17.0)
and to give you an idea of where we are here are her numbers for last week.
RBC- 2.65
HGB- 8.0 and Hct- 25.7
Plateletes- 42
WBC- 19.3

A big thank you for all the thank you notes I recieved from:
Heather Rice, MaryAnn Kisic, Leslie Yoder, April Spinetti, Brandi, Aidan, Autumn and Austin King, Linda Dreidger, Krissy Evans, and Laura Carroll.

I won't have updates on the number of notes and who they are from until next week when I get back from my parents! So here are the numbers for now..
Janiece- 24
Keep them coming.


Blogger Heather said...

Did you go to the one and only Good and Plenty? That is an all time favorite for the Linn family. We would go to Lancaster before heading to Ocean City Maryland and that was one restaurant that my parents and grandparents loved. I will have to say that it was not my favorite, but it is an experience. Good Luck tomorrow and enjoy your stay with your parents. I am sure that you will get to go, at least I hope. Em, I have to comment on your strength and bravery right now. You are an amazing person. Anybody that would read this blog would not know what you are going through because you live your lives like any other. That is absolutely wonderful. I am so glad that you are able to do these things and have fun. I will be hoping and praying that the next time I read this it will be from Indiana. Love ya!!!!!

LOve, Heather

7:45 AM  
Anonymous jamie said...

Good morning emily-
we are praying for you today as you head to the hospital and are waiting for more direction and news. we will continue to pray with you that God would heal ALivia. continue to keep your eyes on Him as you walk daily by faith. you are a witness of this. love you-jamie

8:01 AM  
Blogger All the Millens said...

You are heavy on my heart as you face today, decisions, outlooks....His faithfulness is deeper and steadier than we realize, His grace gives and gives and gives, His love for you began far before 2006. As you walk through nervousness and fears may these truths be handrails for you.


9:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am praying for you, each day i wonder how you(meaning your whole family) are doing, and how Livi is. i pray for the doctor's visit tomorrow, i pray that the Lord with calm your heart so you can get some sleep tonight. i pray that her counts come out good.

Rest in the Lord, He will never leave you!

Praying always,

11:27 AM  
Anonymous jamie said...

thinking of you and praying for you right now. love you-jamie

2:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!! praising the Lord that her numbers were stable and you're headed to Indiana. what a blessing! enjoy the 10 days of no doctors visits and have a great time with your family. much love, kb

3:03 PM  
Anonymous Rodney A said...

I will be starting to give platelets Monday 8-24-06. This is because people like Alivia need them & I can spare them.

10:24 PM  

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